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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Download: son Ark, "Clementine""

L.A. roots-rock band Son Ark first perked our ears up with “Going to the Woods,” and now we finally hear a new track from the sextet’s forthcoming album “The Land of Smoke.” The first single again showcases Son Ark’s crisp harmonies, but the structure of “Clementine” has a beautiful arch that may excite listeners for that full-length. Robin Harris’ vocals gently wrap around gentle guitar strum only to build up to into joyful, stomping chorus three-quarters through the track. It’s sweet and it makes for some good listenin’. - BUZZBANDS LA - by Seraphina

"Son Ark is Making a Record"

Son Ark is kind of great. We first learned about them when they played a killer set at last year’s Echo Park Rising. They put out their first EP last year which you can listen to and purchase on the left side.
This year, they’re planning to put out their first full-length album and they need your help! In return, they’re offering a couple of exclusive goodies which include private performances for you and your friends and a special dinner for two. Head on over to their Indiegogo page to contribute. Follow them on Facebook. - Restless Cities - by Rozette Diaz

"Son Ark Makes A Record"

It’s reassuring that a folk band as authentic as Son Ark live on - they are the real deal, dedicated to crafting songs and delivering energetic performances nothing short of genuine. They don’t leave the stage until they’ve left themselves on the stage. And they do it for us, the audience.

Bands like Son Ark wouldn’t exist without the surrounding members of the music and arts community of listeners, bloggers, promoters, concert attendees, et al, doing our part to show our appreciation for their hard work. And sometimes we’re called upon to do just a little bit more. But it truly only takes a little bit, i.e. forgo your morning coffee or last call at the bar. Then pass on that quick $5 - $10 to a band that you know won’t squander the opportunity to make you proud.

Check out material from Son Ark’s Much Obliged EP and help ‘em out by donating a few bucks or by just helping to spread the word! - From the Hip LA - by Patrick topping

"Folk band to strum music stage"

Next to take the stage at the Becker Amphitheater is Son Ark, a six-member folk band who will soon debut their first full-length album, set to release mid-June.

The band has kicked up an indiegogo campaign to raise $5,000 for the release of their upcoming album, The Land of Smoke.

Son Ark previously released a three song EP, Much Obliged, in 2011.

“The EP was like a painting of who we were, but the album is like an instant screenshot of who we are now,” said Robin Harris, lead vocalist and guitarist for the band.

Each band member has had an extensive history in music that molded them into the musicians they are today.

Each member has previously been in hardcore bands prior to settling into folk music.

Son Ark originally began as an idea among friends.

“I think when Matt (bassist) first got here, I was like, ‘Can you play the banjo?’ and he was like, ‘No,’ and I said, ‘Well do you want to learn?’” Harris reminisced.

Matt Sousa picked up the banjo specifically for the band.

“I mean, look at you now, rockstar,” Harris laughed with Sousa.

Once the band was formed in 2008 with Harris as front man, Sherman Pascoe as lead guitarist and backing vocals, Chris Sousa on bass, Matt Sousa on banjo, Pat “Oatmeal” Butterworth as drummer and Adrian Prohaska on the mandolin, they began creating their own sound.

“It started out kind of like a, you know, let’s do this old timey thing,” Harris said. “But then like once everyone started to get situated it became our own thing.”

Each member has individual tastes, but within them are unifying elements, such as their unanimous love for Led Zeppelin.

“It’s becoming like an even mesh of all of our personal styles,” Harris said.

The creation of The Land of Smoke went by quickly. Songs were tracked within a month and Son Ark knew exactly what kind of album they were aiming for.

“The EPs, all three of them, are some of our oldest songs, whereas the album that we’re releasing is primarily new songs,” Harris said.

The first original songs by Son Ark were pieced together by the written works of Harris.

“The first single, “Clementine,” is one of the newest songs,” Harris said. “The big difference is that the songs on the full-length are songs that we all wrote together, whereas songs from the EP—they trickled down from when I first started writing the music. That’s probably going to be pretty obvious in the album too.”

The Land of Smoke tells a continuous story throughout the songs.

“It’s like a preview of the evolution of us becoming a band from what we’ve done the last couple of years,” Oatmeal said.

“Clementine,” was released Wednesday, Jan. 20. It is the first single available from The Land of Smoke.

According to Harris, once the group heard “Clementine,” everyone was really excited about that particular song.

The song tells the story of a girl, Clementine, who has found the love of her life and is asking for her father’s blessing for her happiness.

Harris hopes to one day work on other projects that include his passions as a lyricist.

Before The Land of Smoke can be in the hands of fans and new listeners, Son Ark hopes to reach the goal of their Indiegogo campaign to make the release of this debut album as personal and memorable as possible.

Son Ark has set up several different bundled gifts for backers with all different amounts of donations starting from one buck all the way to $300.

Gifts include digital downloads, posters, CDs, vinyl records and tote bags.

For really generous donors, the band offers a special thanks on the CD, a private acoustic show and even a personally cooked dinner for two.

How about that, dinner and a show.

Son Ark has grown to become more than just a folk band, but a group of diverse storytelling talents with much bigger goals in mind.

News on the band can be found at - Daily Titan - By Deanna Trombley

"Video Free Silver Lake: Five Songs with Son Ark"

Son Ark's new single "Clementine" has been on repeat play over here at RFSL HQ since we caught the band at the Bootleg last week sounding great live. The LA folk-rock six piece is working on their first full-length album The Land of Smoke, and they have an active indie go-go campaign through March 4 to raise funds to cover production costs of recording, mixing & mastering and pressing the record and CD. This week we pass the Video Free Silver Lake baton over to Son Ark, to tell us about some of their favorite and most influential music. - Radio Free Silverlake - Kathryn Pinto

"Six Great Bands Worth Checking Out"

Who: Son Ark
From: Los Angeles, California
Fun Fact: On Son Ark’s website, all five bandmates post their current music mixes based on what’s stuck in their head at the time. I was pleasantly surprised by the new artists I discovered.
RIYL: Elliott Brood
When To Listen: In the kitchen while cooking comfort food. - Katie from Music Between Friends

"Infantree + Son Ark: Get Folked on Thursday"

by Monica Hunt
Angelenos, it’s time to dig deep in the recesses of your closet, dust off and don your western wear circa 2003, and get to Pershing Square this Thursday to hear some of the finest folk/bluegrass music Los Angeles has to offer. Yes, you read that right – “folk,” “finest,” and “Los Angeles” all contained within the same sentence. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me on this one, it’s a free show with two very talented bands under the light, polluted skies of downtown Los Angeles. That sounds like a perfect urban evening to me!
Infantree has already received some love from music aficionado Conan O’Brien, landing one of those coveted performances at the tail end of his late night show in early April. I like to think CoCo hand selects his musical guests, and it thoroughly delights me that he is giving LA-based acts some exposure. Infantree played their track “Workhorse,” a kind of dark, yet multilayered tune featuring three part harmonies, a lead singer whose voice is reminiscent of Dwight Yoakam’s, sexy drumming, and drastic tempo shifts.
I saw Infantree’s Thursday night counterpart, Sön Ark, perform at Bordello way back in 2009, and since then, I’ve been clamoring to see them live again. In the past two years I’ve managed to catch only one additional show. Given how rarely Sön Ark seems to perform, it is pleasing to see them team up with an equal like Infantree, even if it is for one night only. I’m looking forward to hearing Sön Ark’s music (again, finally!) and hope they have new songs in their arsenal because people usually demand they continue playing after their set is over. They’re that good/fun/awesome.
The rehearsal footage doesn’t convey the full extent of Sön Ark’s presence in a venue, but hopefully this will whet your palette and get you out to see the real thing. I’m confident you’ll overcome your too-cool-for-folk attitude (or not) once you hear both bands and maybe, just maybe, find yourself dancing. At the very least, you’ll get to see two great local bands before they really blow up. Gloating over that kind of stuff is the greatest gift of all. - LA Music Blog

"Ears Wide Open: Son Ark"

by seraphina on October 12, 2011
L.A.’s quintet Son Ark may only have a handful of live demos online, but one listen to “Going to the Woods” will reel in anyone who appreciates
roots rock with a slight twist of blues. Vocalist Robin Harris sings his story as good as any jazz singer, and it makes sense since Son Ark started out
as a duo playing in speakeasies, cafés and street corners six year ago. Since then, Harris and guitarist Sherman Pascoe have recruited bassist Chris
Sousa, banjo player Matt Sousa and drummer Patrick Butterworth (who also plays in L.A. band Dios) to flesh out the layered harmonies that
effortlessly float above bright Americana arrangements. “If I’m not back before dawn / Don’t come looking” Harris sings with conviction, but tunes
that stomp and sway like this may have listeners looking for Son Ark at more shows around town. - Buzz Bands


"Land of Smoke" LP - out in June 2013
"Much Obliged" EP 2011
"Valley Villains House" - Live E.P. March 15 2009



Son Ark has been filling establishments across Los Angeles with their unmistakably unique brand of folk rock and with lyrics that tell tales of bygone eras and heartbreaking love lost. Son Ark longingly reminds us of days gone by. The songs are not antiques, though. Influenced by the likes of Andrew Bird, Avett Brothers, the Pixies, and Led Zeppelin, Son Ark tells their tales in a decidedly contemporary way and their live performances will persuade you to “overcome your too-cool-for-folk attitude” (LA Music Blog). In summer 2007, singer Robin Harris, guitarist Sherman Pascoe, and bassist Chris Sousa met by luck or by fate and began playing played at speakeasies, cafe bars, and street corners alike for the next year. Meanwhile, in Boston, banjo player Matt Sousa began hearing of his cousin Chris’ escapades and decided to move West and join the band. Pat Butterworth entered the ranks in 2008. Adrian Prohaska joined on mandolin and vocals in 2011, completing the band. From that moment on, Son Ark has made stages such the Echo, the Satellite, and the Bootleg Theater their stomping grounds. In November of 2011, Son Ark released their Much Obliged EP, which is full of “layered harmonies that effortlessly float above bright Americana arrangements” (BuzzbandsLA). That July, Son Ark hit the road and played up and down the west coast from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR. 2012 came to an end with Son Ark’s debut music video, Going to the Woods.