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Son Capson @ Buffalo Bar

Cardiff, None, United Kingdom

Cardiff, None, United Kingdom

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'Imagine, if you will, that I am an empty Space Hopper. If every time someone had fervently told me in real world syllables how incredible Liam Percy George's Son Capson are live, but had spoken their eulogy into my nozzle as an exhalation of hot breath, I would have burst due to over-inflation. I'm conducting a similar experiment as I write this with my stomach and Jaffa Cakes and I can confirm that I am painfully bloated. Son Capson started sending me strange and urgent home recordings just over a year ago. His songs are all about attack. The piano gets attacked; your preconceptions assaulted; the English language besieged; his larynx napalmed. The end result is like screaming down the side of the Matterhorn in a go kart loosely assembled by drunk armadillos, with Tom Waits and a knackered piano as passengers' Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales ...................................................................... - Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales

'Like a marching band of gurning elves bulldozing the entire contents of an Aberystwyth drugstore down their gobs, Son Capson throw-up a relentless mix of early Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, the contents of Tom Waits’ garage and Magical Trevor’s indelible pop sorcery' SWN Festival - SWN Festival

' I have the feeling that Son Capson will resist any attempts to integrate common sense into his songs. The proof resides in When I Close My Eyes I See Tetris, a song that manically toys with the freshly dismembered remains of folk, acid-rock, acid-house, acid-acid and sea shanties, all the while cackling brightly. When I Close My Eyes I See Tetris is the song that The Joker whistles along to whilst soaking in a deep bubble bath. Normality flounders helplessly as the dementedly springy beat squirts technicolor poster paint in every direction. Son Capson’s music is a vicious, yet necessary assault on normality, and a blisteringly crazed vindication of intuition and opposition of convention.' Joe Sparrow - Joe Sparrow,

'Son Capson - the maniacal vision of one Liam Percy George of Aberystwyth, the sort of community that seems so far from anywhere else you can imagine this sort of thing growing in splendid isolation that bit easier - belongs in that ever welcome category, the bloody odd. Acid rock sea shanties? 8 bit garage rock Swordfishtrombones? Bonzo Dog anti-folk? What we can settle on is hyperactive chanted ridiculousness hurtling downhill fast with a glint in its eye and a self-assurance that this is perfectly reasonable behaviour. Somehow at one point we managed to set one track playing three times not quite simultaneously and didn't immediately notice. At Swn last year he/they supported Marina And The Diamonds. How the hell did that work?' Sweeping The Nation - SWEEPING THE NATION

'My personal musical highlight of the year was meaningly putting on Son Capson with Jen Jeniro-41 years of gig going and I witnessed one of the greatest gigs of my life-anybody having to follow Son Capson must crap themselves' Dj Dean Fuzzfelt - Dj Dean Fuzzfelt

'Son Capson are something else - something else and I'm not sure what. Individual to an extreme, which is always better than boring, but not sure its my cup of tea - it's a sea shanty-gypsy folk - cripes!' Bethan Elfyn, Radio 1 - Bethan Elfyn, Radio 1

'He's a kind of one-man anti-folk troubadour from Aberystwyth' Huw Stephens, Radio 1 and SWN Festival - Huw Stephens, Radio 1 and SWN festival


'To Bend A Bird' ep



...They've had a song banned on the Tom Robinson show and managed to sell a copy of their EP to a member of the Scotish Parliment....Son Capson are bloody dangerous. Bred in the belly of Wales, they have quickly established themsleves as a ferocious live band, Radio 1 DJ Bethan Elfyn even said 'Son Capson are something else - something else and I'm not sure what. Individual to an extreme, which is always better than boring, but not sure its my cup of tea - it's a sea shanty-gypsy folk - cripes!'.....she's never recovered......They have an ep out called 'To Bend a bird' and will hopefully be releasing their debut album in the autumn of this year.....stay for music and more info