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Well my style is a blend of Tupac meets Nas with a twist of eminem. I named these three legends in Hiphop because I deliver descriptive poetry ( Nas ) with the bluntness of Tupac which generates a revolutionary message, but yet its controversial and insensitive as Eminem's approach. I am striving to the positive rapper in hip hop that delivers messages of inspiration through a negative appeal. Raw and edgy with a attitude is how I plan to deliver my music.


Marcus Hancock p.k.a. Soncier “The Hero of Hip Hop” is an American rap artist and music mogul from the DC/Maryland area known for his very blunt, witty, confident and controversial lyrics and showmanship. Soncier was in Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1987, but spent his childhood between Cincinnati, Ohio and the Washington, DC/Southern Maryland areas. At an early age, Soncier displayed artistic talent and grew interested in becoming a cartoon illustrator. He began his musical quest at the tender age of 11 once his family settled in Prince Georges County, MD in 1998; but it wasn’t until 2006 that he started taking rapping seriously. Upon the release of his first album As Real As It Gets in 2006, Soncier quickly began to gain a fan base amongst his peers around the DC/ Maryland /Virginia area known as the “DMV.” He has performed all over the DMV area, frequenting talent showcases, local colleges, open mics and nightclubs. His second album, The Big Boom was ranked in the top 20 on MTV’s Ourstage competition for break-out DC artist. In 2009, Soncier became the co-founder and Vice President of TT Hanco Records, an independent recording label aimed at promoting and cultivating musical acts in the DMV area. A year later, he signed a digital distribution deal with Def Jam Recordings through iTunes and Tune Core. In addition, Soncier’s 2010 single, “How You Do Dat Dat” received radio play on WKYS 93.9 and his 2012 single “All That” was featured on Shade 45, hosted by MTV personality, Sway. With six years under his belt as an inde- pendent artist, Soncier is ready to take it the next level.


track 3 Mos Def

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

(Mos def song
sucka free beats (

verse 1:
This has been best flow ever
However I make ya fetch records that's deffer then kids and them earing aids
However I'm fresher your dressers dresser getting lettuce like
No salad you all need first aid
I scratch up ya Djay
Eara Eara eara ( Djay sound ) keep the button on replay
I stand on my own two feet never been sissay
Make em all slaves runaway kunta
You been late
Brainwash us all
We been lost since the first grade
oh well let's get paid
Cant Can't down grade my sound range
My homies got migranes
From sitting in that bird cage
There's no escape
From the mental hate
Take way
Down to the center stage
Take it to the bank
I'm Animal I'm bringing rage
Tell no thanks ima blow like a damn
Tell em no prank I got heat
Where the damn shade
I got the juice now
Drunk all fhe minute maid
Get it Juice
Play bishop in this world
Can't be Afraid
Cause fans to rush the stage
Looking like a damn parade
Yall niggas gotta wait

verse 2:

doubt is enemy
Connect with the energy
My words be that chemistry
Unite all heroins and heroes
Okay we make history
The legacy heredity
Going on a killing spree
I rather do a shopping spree
They stuck in deliquency
Somebody try to help em please
Hopefully we making peace
Say cheese picture these
Tell em freeze before u pull the trigger dont shoot em Geessh
Meanwhile we in The streets
Trying make it thru the week
Put my shoes on my feet
And make it all complete
I'm a buy a bag of weed
Nd Just smoke it and just
Another hippy on the scene
Goddamn look at his jeans
And his fade jy clean
Why so he rude so mean
So defensive so obscene
So offensive did he mean
To reach teens
Hell yeah ima king
Know ya mean
Know ya mean

verse 3:

People always struggling
They tell you should hustle then
Hustling became your friend
What happen that ones you spent
They blew all up in The wind
Trying to make a dollar and them commas
But you getting cents tryin to obama but your momma got The blackest skin
It's steady problem yeah we mobbing
Trying to pay to rent how Are you all Violent and stay silent does means they win yeah U see me rhyming about my environment does it makes any sense now they got me bomping
and yeah im rocking this newest shit
And they boxed But I'm hoping over every fence rapping for the audience
The guardian is probably him
Of. Course it's him
Oh yeah of course him
course has begun
I mean it will be begin
I'm fighting it till end
fighting all my sin
Ifighting with the devil skin will a nigga win
Iwithout a pen
I don't know it then
Feel me then

track 4 Therapy

Written By: ,Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

Therapy song produced by 5 star Beatz
( I'm just venting )

shop to I drop it's the motto
I wish I could
But evidentially Haven't hit the lotto
I got tuition/insurance loans
And a car. Note
Take rain check
brain check
Paycheck ain't came yet
haven't reach fame yet
2 jobs ain't cutting it
I'm not less fortunate
But I want fortunate
it's important that I don't forget
The road gets dark
make a wish off the candle that I lit
But the light shall shine
I think I got head start
On the race track part
Speed racing going far
My girl Karen say
Life is like a shopping cart
And I agree to the heart
Disregard the bars
I'm juSr venting my Story
Wizard of oz
Window shopping
When I get income tax
Ima go tag popping
And be fresh as rynold wrap
Is that a fact
Yeah perhaps
Who's watching
I'm being carefree no panicking
Yeah I know I got bills but I'm
sometimes I wanna be a manakin
And Stand still
no effort no will
Will get no deal
Can you explain how a man feels
Its never that bad
It can be worser
My dreams will take me further
For the moment
In life you' need support like heart murmurs
I have to force and the source
Take the course
I see portals
hurtle I'm immortal
Y'all move like green turtles
master shredder
I smoke purple
I'm a cheese head i need cheddar
Walking on a lever
When you Live amongst devils be
Gotta clever
now back to the topic no extras
Appreciate the essence
wasn't born homeless no need to
Stress this
People bitch about things that
They can't control
And why belong to something
That you will never own
And why own material when
It owns your soul
Gain control
of the mystery as it unfolds
I don't even know

Used to stribble in the note pad
In class with the head phones on blast and still trying to get
Home work done man I used to hate math but now I need math to multiply cash on the move so fast
And the past make The time just flash we got ups and downs Iike a graphs
we got upty dumpty moment
Fall on our ass
Fall down pick yourself back up
What's good luck lucky strikes
and life got Bowlingballs for us
To knock down
Haters wanna knock down
Far from stupid hear that shell
Go head put the gun down
I don't the lock down
Jail ain't for me friend
So why would I wanna be around all
Men when I like women does that
Make sense

track 6 fuck the negative shit

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

Fuck negative shit
smkn + FLTN Number 6
Produced by milhouse &stinkmeanor of Sun KA Productuons

Although I'm under pressure
through desperate measures
I've encountered so many set
Backs that I'm feeling like whatever
However the day shall fall Its extra
And definitely a lesson I accept it
No matter what endeavor this far from a lecture
I'm just keeping shit real give my efforts
That's the only way to be
Climbing on a mountain till I reach my peak see I peak through the bullshit
And Teach without the pulpit
Dipshit get your mind right it's half and half like a esclispe
The ying and that yang
I admit do your thang though evil is bliss
As we smoke from the flame
Where's your Friends when they pretend
If love gives you pain
The I rather have nada
No problem
Keep walking

Has anyone ever told you that you're going to die young
And the prophecy comes true the truth is in the gun
Yeah right yeah sike
Michael Jackson was my cousin
Nah I'm Bugging nah it's nothing
Getting back to the discussion
I'm uncomfortable I'm becoming
A soul that's seduced and being hunted by the shadow never understood a woman who has babies
then struggles be smart young woman fuck fucking if you don't have fucking money get abortion they tell me I'm lunching .
Chewing on a dollar till I deficate
Change for. Wishing well
Wish me well
It's hostile but possible to make it all profitable it's illogical how you gulible
zombie fools got brains Of raisin
And let media kill your molecules
Apostles gossip my gospel got you

back against the gate that got spikes on lt
No other man shall fight for him
I oppose the omen
The devil process my brother
For the moment
Back when he chased me with
A knife
That was 2006 but back the
The mystery god bless me I need
Serenity to defeat my enemies
I'm lied to my girl serenity
The sex wasn't the chemistry
I'm back in the lab like a chemist
This frankastein of mines outshines
Your crimes so Devine I find that the guidelines to life are Crap
I dive in rap I cry I die for stripes
3 strikes
The pitcher had hood on
Grandreaper wore Nike sneakers
And puffed on rever
Good lord
I'm a Dodging the preacher
Like running back and wide receivers
The church is evil
Disguised as the holy house if I
Die now fuck it now
Bring it down Babygirl
Other niggas blamma mouths

track 11 Down a$$ girl feat Nia Reynolds

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

bridge :
Can't get my mind off this
everytime i blink everything i think like uh
and my heart cant live if mind dont give me the will i need to

verse 1:

Down ass girl verse 1

1 (sucka free beats )

I miss the way you laugh
Man that little laugh
Thinking about what we had
Everything is in the past
It happen so fast
How you fell out of my hand
Like a piece of broken glass
couldn't understand
Couldn't comprehend
Didnt see the position
You in
You felt real abandoned
I want to be your friend
And your was damn this
confusion was it
Prefer no title
Didnt want a girl friend
I knew that I liked you
evetything was a whirl wind
I really would like to
be your boyfriend
But To spite u
I kept prolonging
Things went wrong and
I wish I reverse the way
We left on bad terms but I want you to stay
It was a lesson that I learn
If you was here in my face
I would kiss you on lips
Yeah I made a mistake
I was jerk I admit

hook : All the things that we been through
became a memory what can i do
when the only thing that matters is no longer factor
now im crazy about you
i remember when i used to be your
all you ever think about is
( your DOWN GIRL)
All i ever needed was my
All i really want is my

Verse 2;

Down ass girl verse 2
2 sucka free beats

I would stress over music
But You would to hold me
To down
I'm feeling so stupid
Cant turn it all around
U would made it so cool
when I'm feeling down
i want to kill Cupid
But cupid not around
Resistance in commitment
Peristente with ambition
My career was my interest
I forgot your feelings
And put Going to the studio
Over being with my girl
Okay I was tripping
Worried about everything but her
I'm sorry
If i seem selfish I didn't prefer
Keeping you out the loop
I mean What can I do
It ain't like you rap too
understand the grind
You was like boo
Yeah I understand your mind
And I was like true
U don't understand the grind
But you tried too
See my eyes they were blind
to your point of view
I miss u


verse 3:

If i said I forgot you and I don't mean in vein
did a lot to say I got you but still gave you some pain
you gotta stick beside me while I'm walking through the flame
we would do anywhere
And you would holla out my name
Only supported to a point that you didn't see any change
you according to the way you would complain
Can't ignore it now im tore between
Affection and the shame
it's important and its normal for
Me to wish it the same
But the past is past can't re arrange
Fast forward to the moment
Here we are who's the blame
Do you think about me dream about maybe if I came
Rea appear
disaspear man is everything a game
And I lost in the end but I'm actually in
A néw relationship
and feels I'm trapped in the vent
Repeating the same cycle
Avoiding the damn titles
now love is my rival'
love is my rival


track 7 It aint hard to tell ( nas tribute )

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

It Ain't hard to tell

Behold the honorable
Rap phenomenon
Spark ya molecules
hit you with the hotter tune
No auto tune I'm back to set the mood back the craft that y'all abused confuse the rap give a bed rep
No cred back to that boom bap
Tuck em in they need naps
I give the abstract a heart attack heed that hero vigilante I leave girls with wet panties clean the game up no nanny I can still cross over but no tranny y'all transgender men pretend to be women a pool of sin
Never been lucifers friend
I would ask a pimp
Is he exempt
As I inhale smell hell
It ain't hard to tell

Explore the concept of the global nonsense that plauges the conscience no self conscience this subemarines on beat machines
I explode my target the streets is mean so i pack a pocket knife to avoid being in the chalk I beg ya pardon keep walking the city gets darker as rent goes up in the apartments
The kids are heartless
And dearly departed
Is not regarded
I'm passed the margin
I rather be flossing
Then to be nauseous
and try to be cautious
and increase my dollars
As the opportunity follows
I'm glad to see tomorrow
Although my times is borrowed
And my heart is caught between
hope and sorrow
the moon gets pale
It ain't hard to tell

camaflauged jeans and a urban t shirt I spit flem on the cement as see the earth emerge the plants don't need dirt I spark the plant okay what could be worse my boy Charles gave me 5th of hen dog I sin dog but I tell ya but Jesus sees all and still despite of my effort to guard myself from
The unforeseen the ground lights up I'm billy jean I shine extreme and stand replica of a king in skate board attired I skate Through fire and try to Inspire those who died and hung on shoes the telephone wire that was 90's godammit.
I miss cartoons like captin planet
my words inchanting

track 15 speaka blowa produced by G the mastermind

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

Speaka blowa produced by G money

I'm a star yeah you know me
And broads all on me
We grind Till it's sunny
And party till the morning
We doing we doing tonight

Tell me is it a problem
If it is I don't care we can solve it
I'm be flossing Im big bossing over here see me shinning I be grinding never mind them they don't here see
The chain my souvenirs keep the change keep it real I'll pull ya card we can deal I'm about a mill keep it still
If she flipping and dropping it
pop it
she not bopping I'm not tricking
why you clocking why you jocking yeah im different you watch me but don't copy copy written who you kidding
Yeah check my pocket
Pocket full of Scrilla
bump this up in your system my curriculum is millions we marvels we be hitting s
See them models we getting
We split then we diss em
Spending when I ronday vi
Yeah im my expensive coup
Who well you bumping
I'm bumping you
This that new
Okay that's true
Pg what it do

As much as you hating why you focus on mine
You be Siting there debating yeah you waiting oh my
It is not a conversation focus on your grind
See me swerving through city looking pretty long time
And Duane
The marvels up in here
Ruga Ron yeah we partying
Foreal and my trunk on kill
And it's rattling im swagging it
Sick (cough ) ill
Hit the corner like chill
Show em how I live
I been broke all my life
But a nigga bills
So I'm pushing for the light
The lime
I'm fine
I'm sipping alright
I came from from bottom
Got my Levi popping and my obey shirt and watch
That's a diesel
You a wisel
I dont see you
Man I wouldn't wanna be you
Yeah the ladies wana meet you
And the niggas want a feature
You get the picture Mona Lisa
Crank it up in the speakers

track 9 Goin 4 mines produced by Dj Skooly

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

Got me going for mines
at the drop of a dime
always on the grind
okay you know
everything will be fine
one day at a time
only way to survive
okay lets go

The City verse 1()

What you do
when they say that's
Lights out
now Its a black out
my mind is all crazy
I don't know how to act now
Why you go drop out of
School nine to 5 ain't a bad
What u mean back track
Pull the map out
You going the back route
These days getting money
Is can screw up
Ya plans no good luck
Bills in the way now
We force to do things
For a quick buck
Then system is messed up
depress with a frown
Put your head up
thought when I was young
I would never be in rush
Now I'm grown up
to face the things that
World is showing us
Try to hit the club
To forget about worry
But after the party
It's back to same story
RAther have some sex
But pussy it wont last
take off the latex
Pull out the pen and pad
the city is mad


Wanna see you loose
Thick and thin
you goin in
You gotta prove
To everyone that criticizes you
Is damn fool mis use Abused
By the lies of a point of view
Disquise your cries how long
Can you tell the truth
Vandalize the pride see
The guns take out the youth
Pow pow
U don't wanna hire us
gotta be the work or
The boss go fire us
Who go be Role model
How you inspire us
get paid is the motto
Turn us all into follower
Dont be trying borrow
Get ya own stuff
dont listen to them dope heads
Man they on some other stuff
code red
Look what they showing us
Now the cops showing up
You mad at them
My friend became a Cop
I'm suppose to like him any less
Blame it on police
Man you a idiot
Dont forget man
The city is mad

verse 3:

we all got a mission
in a bad condition
cuz crime keeps rising and this hard living
you were gifted with a certain talent
everybody is different
gotta keep a certain balance
something is mission
want to pop a pill, sell drugs, and get a tatoo
nigga thats not me and homey thats not you
be you , be cool and love who you are
i was born to be a star
so im going to raise the bar
to a higher way of thinking
what were thinking
when you went raw
and you know you looking jy lost
got crabs and a baby put your life on pause
no if ands, buts or maybes
im going to hard
do it for my lady
see my daddy is done raising me
and momma just gave me a life
im going to be what im going to be
you dont have see what im going to see
you dont have to see what im going to see
this me

track 8 the race

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier


I don't really see it
Travel down dark road
The Possibility that we see the light so
Money , clothes and women
Got me on tight hold
Ya see
In life we compete
I just want to be free

I want it bad like the first race
In this rat race
I chase cheese and I dodge the trap
move at a slow pace
They pass beyond you
This dooms day
April's fool day
I warn you cheat to
Get fat boy we need cake
That's a fact
I grind hard on Mondays Tuesdays
And Wednesdays
Maybe on a Thursday
And pay day is Friday
Don't believe what my eyes say
Cut the ribbon
My lyrics well written for my Kendrick they go feel my spirit
Y'all smitten
How can I come across different
As different as odd ball
Who's a preschool Teacher
But hate children
I feel in different
These rap politics make my poetry
Politically unsensored
I'm cursing they say I'm belligerent
I'n person
Write my rhymes in cursive
Give you the verdict
My fathers Sperm birthed
the next leader amongst us
I be him
The higher learning
I see them
Nodding and jerking
This is no sermon
No religious exorcism
This is exercise
I'm flirting with cutie pie
With the soft thighs
That pussy murder
Open the curtains
And see outside the window of our soul
No one knows
why the pain is sticks besides us like Velcro are we going we fail we're like hell no
Are the ones that glow ?
I Can't cop those
I just went broke
Spent all money at last night
When I balled out
I'm a get a million y'all feel him yeah hands down
Gotta be to work I'm like forget it
I'm a call out
Never been good at 9-5 kind of guy even at the job they say my god we seen you on Bet you bound to blow I'm killing time but can't buy time is what I realized
I'm creating a dream
Make it reality

track 14 shadow

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier

verse 1:
Be grateful/
though gratitude is unmistakeable/
your attitude will determine if people hate you/
that aint cool/ words seem to make or break you/
what should I do?/ find another way to break through/
not possible/to find to loop whole to skate through/
whats logical ?/ who told you that faith wont do?/
It's probable /that everything is going to seem blue/
especially when the problem aint me, its you /
a silhouette of whats left ,/ seem to be the only bet/
they dont understand what I'm saying like they cant see death/ they understand what I'm saying like their mind went deaf,/ They dont understand when praying its more to more express/ Can't comprehend the answer/ but they're still going guess/ with a question mark/ Man I dont where should I start I mean/ I dont why he's obsessed/ tries to follow me but it seems so common, hallucination making me think I got a problem/ my destination is where ever it seems to follow/ my shadow is conscience / the footsteps are hollow/ I try to leave my shadow/ but yesterdays tommorow/ I cant get away /though my shadow tends to follow/ its narrow/ uh uh I said its narrow
yeah, and uuh ,

Hook: I being haunted by my shadow, uh I'm being haunted by my shadow, uh I'm being haunted by my shadow, uh I'm being haunted by shadow for real
See your shadow is the darkness and you notice that you only see your shadow when you're in the light and that light represents that positive. The negative keeps follwing you. you feel. Its Soncier, one

verse 2: Get away from the darkness/ the further I move it bothers/ departless / fearless its heartless/ its stands in the way of me being so marvelous/ it brings me down/ forever im going to be a target/ surrounds my carcass/ its stalking/ the shadow is the evil thats marches/ behind me in a timely/ where ever I run it'll find me/ and remind me/ that everybody hates you / and nobody likes you/ confusion of the mind makes everybody spite you/ the truth is nobody is the enemy / the enemy is inside you/ you dont see that you is/blind by disbelief and the truth is/ the truth is /all this time that you've been stupid/ allusive / to the fact that you're loosing the world is abusive/ when you abuse the condition of the mind/ thinking is useless/the moving of the shadow studies my movement


track 2 I Got to feat Charles dutton and Duane J

Written By: Marcus Hancock aka Soncier



I dont know but im tired of waiting
everyother day i feel impatient
aint too much to do i hate this
doing what i do cuz i got to
dont know im going to make it
time is running out , but i gotta to take the
good with the bad and keep on praying
all i really know is got to
cuz i got to


change the channel on the tv screen
can i have joy can i enjoy my teens
now a man where i stand how you get so mean
but you go so hard how you get those dreams uh
take away my self esteem
we used to be kings and queens
now we fiend for the green '
the things that bring '
is based on the things we seen
now what does that mean
the eye of the pyramid controls my environment
how are you a crying man
i rather die rich then to be a poor dying man
im a buy land, i aint lying man
thats how you feel
do you really give a damn
yall tell fat people yall gotta diet man
tell gay people yall gotta hide it man
keep it real man its easy if you try it man


So much time wasted
why does your mind think basic
why you hating cuz another man educated
does that make him act white misintreprated
what the hell does that mean
is that being racist
manipulated by the ignorant lets embrace it
self motivated i dont need your motivation
the girl im dating get mad at my concentration
and doubt in my mind continues to build clouds
and clouds my judgement my thoughts just rain out
so many ways i need to let the pain out'
so many things i wish i could change about the world
but i cant
no nonsense
just common sense
just a rhyming kid thats violent and
writing peace for the mind
nobody understands that you're trying to live
do what you gotta do nobody cares.


its days when i feel real confident
then theres other days when i really feel like shit
but i feel natural just to feel like this'
the emotions roller coasting
and bad ones provokes us
and my words so potent
speak up for the hopeless '
to bring up the culture '
but if you dont know it
im still gon show it
and show you
both of us glowing '
quit acting like you're lonely
god is my homie '
the only one that knows me when the other people phony
know we
try hard to guide ourselves and learn to survive indeed
beyond the downfalls pass the weed
beyond the downfalls pass the weed
light it please


( Duane J back ground vocals )

im trying to survive out here you know
im trying to survive out here you know
oh yea



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