Son de Brooklyn

Son de Brooklyn

 New York City, New York, USA

Son de Brooklyn brings the spicy music of Cuba and Latin America to NYC and beyond. Our primary focus is son, the hypnotic dance music born in eastern Cuba, with a modern jazz influence. In other words, Son de Brooklyn provide the festive, rum-drenched sabor your venue craves.


Son de Brooklyn weds the great Cuban sounds of the “La época de oro” (1930s-1950s) to the advances of American jazz during roughly the same period, when La Habana and New York were arguably the two most important global centers of Latin music and jazz, respectively. The band features jazz-influenced arrangements of both classic and nearly-forgotten Cuban sones, rumbas, boleros, and cha-cha-chas as well as a host of original material in these and other styles.  

Son de Brooklyn is an eclectic mix of some of the best young talent in NYC’s Latin music scene whose members hail from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Brooklyn. With an authentic, traditional-meets modern Cuban sound, Son de Brooklyn is the antidote to slick and watered-down commercial Latin music.


En Ti Pensaba...

Written By: Martí/Watson

En ti pensaba, en tus cabellos
que el mundo de la sombra envidiaría,
y puse un punto de mi vida en ellos
y quise yo soñar que tú eras mía.

Ando yo por la tierra con los ojos
alzados -¡oh, mi afán!- a tanta altura
que en ira altiva o míseros sonrojos
encendiólos la humana criatura.

Vivir: -Saber morir; así me aqueja
este infausto buscar, este bien fiero,
y todo el Ser en mi alma se refleja,
y buscando sin fe, de fe me muero.


“Los Hipsters No Bailan: La Habana/Brooklyn Sessions” is the dynamic debut cd from Son de Brooklyn. This album’s unique mix of musical flavors derives from its unusual pedigree: half of the tracks were recorded in New York City and half in La Habana with local Cuban musicians. SDB is the only local NYC band to have recorded in Cubain the past decade. “Los Hipsters No Bailan” is the sun-baked soundtrack for your unrealized daydreams to move to the islands…featuring danceable grooves, catchy choruses and killer musicianship all tightly wrapped into a cohiba of New York sophistication and authentic Caribbean sensuality.