song&stereo is a blending of passionate vocals over melodic guitars, piano, bass, synth, and drums. With diverse musical dynamics, lyrics that touch on a variety of ideas (from the mundane to the abstract), and with melodies that stay in your head, song&stereo is a sound you'll want to hear.


To call song&stereo something new might be a bit misleading. It would be better to describe song&stereo as a dam burst of song and melody that has been years in the making. After finishing graduate school, singer/songwriter Tony Acevedo decided to bring the songs he had written along the way to the public. He's done this w/ song&stereo. Yet in contrast to the singer/songwriter model of acoustic sound, the product is melodic rock & roll, in the tradition of U2 , Jimmy Eat World, and Coldplay, but with sounds that veer in a multiplicity of directions. Piano, synth, clean and heavy guitars, driving melodies and passionate vocals layer over inventive drumbeats. song&stereo is poised to share these sounds and inspire along the way.


ALBUM: "Get Set, Love" (Release TBA)

1. The Love Petition
2. Me & The Conquered
3. Letter On A Napkin
4. Just Like You
5. Las Vegas
6. Certainty?
7. When We See
8. On Character
9. Something's Not Right
10. Get Set, Love
11. Take Back The Night
12. Dreams I Remember
13. A Smile Upon Disaster