Charismatic twin duo, creating a unique background of rock/pop, and a blend of soulish r&b sounding vocals!


Born in Montreal, yet raised in a small town in Ontario, this dynamic twin duo is getting ready to take flight as they Dare to Dream! Songbird is their artist name, their real names however are Sacha and Tasha. These small town girls have a unique passion for all sorts of music, and have been performing their talent since the beginning of their existance. Growing up in family of musicians and being raised on music of all different types has greatly influenced their musical taste and desire to head in the direction of pursuing a musical lifestyle.

" We were raised around a lot of music, we grew up listening to artists like Madonna, Jimmy hendirx, U2, The Police, Meatloaf, Annie Lennox, Sinead O 'connor, Gunz n Roses, Bon jovi..and the list goes on and on"

From high school talent shows to video shoots, the desire to dance and sing was what kept Songbird still chasing after big oppourtunities. Inspired by artists/ bands like ,U2, Coldplay, Destinys Child, these two knew their versatile interest for music would later on assist in their musical pursuits.

Coming out of an extremely dark destructive past, Songbird describes their music as an expression of where they have been, to where they are going to!

" All we want to do is inspire people!!"

A new and unique sound is what Songbird wants to bring to the industry. This is music that is meaningful and will carry a spiritual and conscious rythm, literally touching the hearts of people. This Funky duet will bring you music that will give your conscience gratitude no matter what type of music you are in to culturally, religiously, or spiritually. So look out for music that is going to errupt your feelings of pain, love, hope, and grace as you soar along with Songbird!!!


Find my way

Written By: Tasha/Sacha

v1: Im tired/ its getting cold/
I need to find my way back home/
Im hungry/ I need to eat/ Im feelin faintish/ Im gettin really weak/
all the lights are out/ I dont know where I am at/ all I know is that/ I need to get out of here fast cause/ its gettin late/ I dont want to be out here/ in the wilderness, all alone..anymore...

Chorus: "Oh! I need someone to help me find my way home/ its where im headed and going to stay/ and when I get through the door I am closing it, locking myself in and never leavin!!... cause I hate being lost......

V2: Im crawling/ on my hands and knees/ tryin to find my way through all of these trees/ that are keeping me/ from finding my way to../the place where I, once used to be safe/ all the lights are out/ and I dont know where I am at/ all I know is that/ I need to get out of here fast cause/ its gettin late/ I dont want to be out here/ in the wilderness all alone, anymore.....

Chorus: " Oh!......

bridge: I dont even know how I got here in the first place/ all I know is that I need to get out right now/ I just want to get back to the place where I used to be/ and once I do I am never coming, out!!!!!



EP "Find my way"

Set List

1. Find my way
2. Go for it
3. The cure