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I am Hip Hop.I am one of the best Producer/EMCEE's the game hasnt seen yet on a national scale. With a sound that bangs from coast to coast. With hard hitting lyrics and word play to catchy hooks. SON-GEE is a great example of a mixture of Underground and Mainstream music the game hasn't seen yet!


This Brooklyn Born/ Boston raised Producer/EMCEE out of Lawrence A.K.A. Lawtown, MA is no stranger to what his lyrics brings to an audience. His rhymes and production are so authentic and true to life. If SON-GEE has seen it or done it. More than likely it is in his music. This kid out of the North Boston's public Housing which is know as the "Hancock Projects" Brings realness like no other. From songs of struggle and pain the ghetto brings to his days in the military. With strong musical influences from Notorious B.I.G. , Tupac, 50 Cent, Andre 3000, Nas and Jay-Z. This artist is definitely genuine and a breath of fresh air that hip hop NEEDS!


SON-GEE's Discography
"Block Muzik" , "Block Muzik 2" and "Back to The Bock"

4 Star Generalz Discography
I also have a group that i produce as well as rap in that is signed to me called " 4 Star Generalz" LP's include,
"Block Hard" and "Time For A Change"

Set List

Hip Hop/Rap Audience.