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True to its name, Songmason takes an unpretentious, sturdy and well-crafted approach to its spirited alt-rock compositions. Singer-songwriter Peter Steinmetz sounds like a laid back David Byrne, and his band evokes an unhurried Tragically Hip. Lyrics are poetic and reflective, while songs forge forward with real depth and colour. A tight rhythm section and consistently rich guitar work provide a solid base for Steinmetz's soft sung musings. This is textured rock for the mature music fan-without flash, tricks or schtick. Just quality craftmanship - Montreal Gazette


Songmason released their debut cd entitled
"Piece of Work" in November 2007. The cd has been well received, playing nationally on campus radio, and featured on CHOM FM's "made in Canada" show.

The cd is available via CD Baby and I Tunes as well as through our myspace site.(



Songmason has a strong Indie Montreal music pedigree. Songwriter Peter Steinmetz played in the band Weather Permitting in the 1980's, releasing two albums: "Into the Ground" and "Code of Life" both on Vot Records before joining the indie wonders "Good Cookies" in 1987. The Cookies played Montreal inside and out for seven years, releasing three recordings during that time. ("Port Bou" in 1990, "Bois Bwa Boua" in 1991 and finally "Have You Fire" on Derivative Records in1994.) He then took a hiatus from performing to help raise a family and study.
With a constant stream of songs egging him on, Peter felt the urge to form a band again and met up with the members of the Montreal power trio Idees Noires. This group had shared stages with with the likes of The Nils, Les Taches, Voivod, and Me Mom and Morgentaler. They recorded two independent cassettes, and an EP with the Doroschuk brothers from Men Without Hats before disbanding in 1990. The band is remembered as one of the first to blend punk and alternative rock with the melodic and lyrical tradition of French music from Quebec.
The trio were intrigued by Peter's compositions and agreed to try and interpret them. The result: songs driven by poetic lyrics, elevated by fresh, spontaneous guitar melodies and a hard driving rhythm section.
Settling on the name "Songmason", the new group has spent the last year and a half in practice studios carving out the tunes to their satisfaction. They are now in the process of preparing for the recording of their first release, which will be entitled "Piece of Work" and will be available independently in 2007.