Cake Bake Betty

Cake Bake Betty


If you like mountains, the sea, explosions, bears, death slugs, wolves, crayons, ships, divorce, cannabilism, snow, dancing, gin, abandoned houses, piano, goblins, ash heaps and/or the digestive system, Cake Bake Betty is for you.


Lindsay sings and plays pianee, Lex sings and sometimes shakes it and hums.
We make the fun; Lindsay likes to sing about the real stuff that's tied up inside her imagination.
Razorcake Magazine says, " I think if you like girls who have pretty voices and spooky lyrics and pianos, then you'll
probably really enjoy this." We in CBB may know how to wail, but Cake Bake Betty ain't nothin' like you've ever heard. . .

For reals. ListenListen Lissttenn!!!
Cake Bake Betty has played with: Be Your Own PET, The Rogers Sisters, Gown, Collapsing Opposites, JEFF, Mt.Eerie, Thanksgiving, Deluxin', Hands Down Eugene, and Black Time.


64 Little White Things

Written By: Lindsay Powell

come and get me out of this town, oh! now, come and save me
come and rescue from this giant hotel full of bones and babies.
take a look at yourself, a look that will sell. call your aunt about
the teeth she abandoned.
yeah, she placed them in a can and canned them.
it's the same as any day now
except your teeth are falling out and you're going upstairs
yeah you're going upstairs. it's the upstairs harmony.
and when you get there you can write a song to keep you company.
there are good things, there are good things to eat
and tonight we're eating meat (goody goody goody)
there's a couple of things i should tell you about
that the fuckers wouldn't sell 'cause they're too cheap to tell
it's the men who feed on human beings and they dawdle about
with their bellies hangin' out
you can wash your fingers but they never leave
you can bite your tongue but it turns them on
and when you're ready to go they'll pinch at your sides
they'll make you recite brilliant songs about the symphony
i hate their skin and i hate their trees and the yards that they wrap
in their plastics and green
and their white houses their god damn white teeth
and the chemicals drenched on the hair that they squeeze
i hate their sex and the brats that they breed
and they hated me and they hated me and they hated me and they hated
me and they hated me
and then they ate me, and then they ate me and they thought i was tasty!(x4)


-Rebecca & Betty's Songs About Teeth, self-released (2004)
-Ears & All, self-released (2005)
-Songs About Teeth, Infinity Cat Recordings (2006)

Set List

Sets last for 25-30 minutes. 8-10 songs, all original.

2. Camille*
3. Rainbow*
4. Song of the Sea
5. One by One
6. Married Gal*
7. 64 Little Things
8. Doves
9. Babies*

*= From the upcoming album, entitled 'To the Dark Tower.'