songs from a room

songs from a room


Despite the Cohen-inspired name, imagine a meeting of '70s proto-metal hard rock and '80s American post-punk/hardcore. Good times.


After years of pavement beating and D-I-Y tours of North America, Brayden and Dustin Jones fled hometown Windsor, Ontario. They headed for Toronto, ironically meeting one-time Windsor natives, David Stephan and Nicholas Bechard. After a couple of shows the band found their final piece to the puzzle, Craig Mailman, and the five developed a torrid love affair with playing live.
In 2007 the band hit the road covering Ontario and Quebec as much as the cities would allow. Their high energy show caught the attention of the right people and they soon found their hard work paying off. After their first 4 song E.P. the band had their single, ‘Believing’ on earshot’s top 10 in the cities they were playing throughout Ontario and Quebec. A spot on the Dine Alone showcase at NXNE, second stage at Virgin Festival 2008 and the recording of a new EP released by Dine Alone Records has given the guys a pretty successful year.

“Whether you hear 70’s rock, post punk, or just a great catchy tune, to the band, it’s always been about writing a solid rhythm and melody,” explained the Jones brothers. The effective sibling duo, not only collaborate in writing but on vocals, allowing Dustin’s harmonies to bring calm after Brayden’s storm. Clever bass lines married with explosive drums, dance in syncopation around raw guitar chords spit from old Fender amps. Bursts of energy from a screaming organ breathe a vintage tone to the mix giving you songs from a room.
Check out the bands new single, ‘the black that we clad’ on XM radio’s ‘the verge’.


self-titled EP - believing / left versus right / blind alley / a schooner is a sailboat
self titled EP #2 - revival / aches maybe angst / black that we clad / we are the ones / high road / to my surprise

Set List

Our set list is typically no more than 10 original songs 35 minutes.

-Aches maybe angst
-A schooner is a sailboat
-High Road
-To my surprise
-We are the ones
-Left vs Right
-The black that we clad