Song From The Road Band

Song From The Road Band


This band is awesome! Great songwriting, picking and sing'n! Some of the best young professional pickers out there today. Tons of energy and a great live show! Don't miss your opportunity to book sftrb!


Original songs and instrumentals! Fantastic song writing and picking! This band is amazing! It is really cool, search sftrb on you tube and find out more, you can see some live shows!

"Charles Humphrey showcases some fine new bluegrass songs on his new CD Songs From The Road. 'Take My Cup And Fill It Up' is a catchy drinkin' song, while 'Roll'n On' could have been a hit for Jimmy Martin. You can almost hear hearts breaking in the duet, 'I Can't Remember When I Stopped Loving You.' Sing these songs yourself, or go hear them..."


Teardrops From Heaven

Written By: Charles R Humphrey III

Was a cool Autumn breeze the day he was released. The leaves they covered up the ground
He's traveling through the stars Jupiter and Mars He's lonely waiting there for me

(chorus) It's not rain Just Teardrops from heaven Teardrops from the one I love

I see him through the clouds as the raindrops just beat down and slide across the windshield of my car
A smile upon his face the only saving grace Those teardrops finally made it home
(chorus again)

Take me by the hand make me understand in his arms I'll slowly fly away. Drift into the sky tell the earth goodbye until then I know he'll cry for me.



Songs From The Road Album gets airplay. You can buy it at or link over to our myspace and listen. The band also recorded on Andy Thorn's solo record Bolin Creek and Mark Schimick's solo abum Ain't No Records Spinnin!

Set List

45 to hour 15 set of original songs and instrumentals. Check it out on you tube. search sftrb