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Songs of the Samaritan is a mother daughter hip-hop group focused on Christian beliefs and principles. Our music is both motivational and inspiring. We talk about current situations the youth face today no matter what walk of life you are from. This is easy listening hip-hop.


Songs of the Samaritan (SOS) was first formed in the summer of 2002 when Vessel asked her daughter CiCi to sing a hook to a song she had been writing. Vessel had been writing songs and poetry since she was 5 years old. She found herself at a breaking point in her life when she found sanctuary in lyracism. Poetry became her voice her form of communication, how she freed her mind. As a child she always honored, loved and respected the religeous principles taught to her by her mother and father. Even when she lived a life unbecoming of someone from her background her love for truth and honesty was the only sure thing in her life. She won her battle with drugs, alcohol, and a novel of other things. Music and poetry have always been the way she could open up freely and show God exactly how much she loved honored and adored Him. It took a long time for Vessel to be able to communicate with people because of her illegal activities, incarcerations, and surrounding herself with less than honorable individuals. A lot of situations she experienced in her life she talks about openly and freely with teens and young adults going through the same or similar things. As a living testimony it was inevitable that her daughter CiCi would grow to love and honor God at a very young age and reveal the gift of song he blessed her with at birth. CiCi currently sings back up saprano for recording artist Samar Newsome, back up alto for Seth Nix, and is currently working on her solo project. In a day and age were sex and drugs are the focus of a lot of teenagers, CiCi’s focus is on producing an unmatched inspirational sound for all ages straight from her heart.


The Beginning
Thank You
Love Like Yours
Help Me Help Them
Mission Possible

Set List

We start of with CiCi singing an acapella ballet that ends with Vessel doing a spoken word introduction to the group called Who's song
1. The Beginning
2. Vessel encourages audience to participate in next song
3. Help Me Help Them
4. Struggle
5. Love Like yours
6. Misson Possible
7. Thank you