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A Man Like You

Written By: Elaine Cronin

A Man Like You EL Cronin 2011

They say every little girl dreams of being a princess
Dressed in lace with colored ribbons in her hair
In a fairy castle ringed with high stone fences
Roses, gold and servants everywhere
I never longed for the life of royalty
I’m happy with simplicity

CH: Picking daisies in a field of green
Running barefoot in my faded jeans
Nothing but the south wind in my hair
Acting crazy with my friends ’til three
Being by myself when I want to be
Pick a falling star and hope my wish comes true
For a Man Like You

They say every little girl is waiting for Prince Charming
On bended knee, glass slipper in his hand
Dazzling her with witty conversation
Waltzing her around a parlor grand
I never bought into that white knight fantasy
I’m looking for some cowboy reality

CH: He won’t care much ‘bout ceremonies
Runs quarter horses, not polo ponies
Takes quiet pride in doing what is right
He talks less, but says much more
Keeps his promises ‘stead of keeping score
His handshake is his word, his word is true
A Man Like You

BR: Love follows its own trail
Real life’s no fairy tale


End: They say every little girl wants happy ever after
Our story starts right here today
My heart is with you all the way cause you

CH: Hold me in your arms at night
When you touch me fireworks ignite
I can see forever in your eyes
Don’t need to look no further than this
Found what I needed in your kiss
I know I’ll always want to come home to
A Man Like You

Just Go

Written By: Elaine Cronin

Just Go EL Cronin 2009

I watch you smile and fake it
Somehow you think that makes it
Easy to convince me life’s all fine
You think that I don’t notice
Each little way you show this
Feeling that my love keeps you confined
Before your private, pent up passions blow Just Go

A second chance has beckoned
Now I’m playing second to a
Pretty picture living in your head
You say, “Be patient, baby”
No thinks, I’m thinking maybe
I’ll paint pictures of my own instead
That front door’s where it’s always been you know Just Go

If you’re thinking you can choose me like some cheap carnival prize
A new option for your Bronco or some marked down merchandise
Think again, baby

I’ll smile and wave bye bye
Don’t be surprised that my
Crying time for you has come and gone
Someday I may regret you
Now I’ll just forget to
Dwell on every little moment that went wrong

I’m running out of things to say
Tired of talking anyway
You got no reason left to stay so….

Just Go