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Hits such as "Run You Off","Get Freaky", "Come Over", "Crush On Me", "Still Beating" & the ever popular "Get 2 Da Money."



Special Public Announcement In June of 1983, the state of California bared witness to a phenomenal event. There was something that was said to be equivalent an F5 hurricane combined with the fiercest of tornadoes. Some say that it was more powerful than any earthquake or desert storm ever witnessed by the human eyes. A doctor on site gave his first hand story of how the air got thin, and then there was a fire that seemed burn into the innermost parts of the soul. Last he said that the room began to fill with something similar to smoke, there was darkness, then a burst of light. They heard a baby’s cry. When the smoke cleared the realized that they had just bared witness to the birth of the CLOUD cloned T83.

Beyond the Cloud Her earliest form of life began in Inglewood, California & transitioned east to the Texas state line past Dallas into a place called Paris(TX). In her growing years, explored her love for basketball, but there was still a void that needed to be filled. Music became her soul mate and you can say that it was love at first write. T made several attempts at rearing offsprings with step parents of her love children with music, but in time she found it healthier to become a single mother of acoustic and soul. Being misunderstood caused people to rename her “Texas Stranger”. With that in mind, she endured the labor and pushed once again giving life to a new seed in the Bronx, New York where she spent some time instilling perfection into her new born twins Hip and Hop. After returning to Texas, her babies began to speak words unheard of as they spoke in the tongue of mind-blowing lyrics while momma tickled a tune on her acoustic guitar’s strings.

Recent Cloud sighting Cloud T83 has recently been heard and seen all over the internet and in many cities near you. With such hits as run you off, get freaky, come over, crush on me, still beating & the ever popular get 2 da money. She has surpassed all expectations establishing her company Gone Wit It Entertainment. Cloud is also a member of Start N Line Productions. Although she has seemed to have been laying low for awhile, she’s been renovating by bulldozing through barricades, barbed wire and all them thangs. Finding herself in a sanctuary of solid people, places and things. She’s sat back, refocused her vision, put hands on the pick, paper and pen & blessed us with what she has named “Teeality”. The queendom has been limited to a selection of faithful few who share her new found vision. This roundtable consists of Sonny B, Tony Henry, Big Woods, Young Truth, Britt, Teedee Davis, Psychosimind Funknysus, gritz Band, Sway, and a multitude of other artists, producers, fans and otherwise. The storm is over and the Cloud cloned T83 has risen above the rest. Dallas’ Finest and Texas’ Best