"Sone" is the power band the world has been waiting for - powerful and soulful vocals, powerful, rock steady musicians, passionate lyrics and explosive live performances.


Sonia Ndongmo is a veteran vocalist who has been involved in almost all aspects of the music industry. Vocal Performance Coach to BMG/Universal artist, Samantha Moore, backup vocals for Nelly Furtado during her “I’m Like A Bird” american and U.K. tours, and multiple television, theatre, and voice over credits (Roy Thompson Hall, Fox FX, Discovery Channel) are just a few of her accolades.


Do You Remember

Written By: Sonia Ndongmo

I remember when I used to feel, I used to feel, I used to feel... you
You were an angel not just inside my head but in my bed, but in my bed
Oh, I used to rise and never fall
I'd rise again, right through it all

Oh and every moment was the dawn of a new day... of a new song
Oh so, no I can't, no I never will forget

But do you remember
(Don't you forget about me)
Do you remember
(Say my name!)
Do you remember
(Do you)
Do you, do you, do you...

I remember how I never cried, I never cried, I never cried... you
You promised I'd never have reason why
Yet now my eyes are never dry

Oh I remember how you looked that day
The day you turned and walked away
Oh so, no I can't no I never will forget


Don't you ever dare make me just an old faded memory
Your name on my lips each day
I'm just begging for one more taste


Oh how I used to rise each day; again and again, yeah
No I never can forget I never will, hey, hey , hey....