Sonia Collymore

Sonia Collymore

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Her voice is as warm and expressive as the soprano that she wraps around her fierce lyrics. 2003 and 2005 JUNO Award winning Reggae Artist, Sonia Collymore, combines reggae riddims with R&B vocals to create a sound that's second to none.


Unbreakable Band Bio:

Unbreakable ~ an undeniable high energy mix of pop, reggae and calypso in one band. Combined, the members have won Juno Awards, Reggae Music Awards and toured the world with famous Reggae and Calypso performers. They come together to create their own hybrid mix of Pop, R&B, Reggae and World beats. Prepare to be amazed. But most of all, prepare to dance.

Sonia Collymore Bio:


Wow!!! There are only 24 hrs. in a day. How does this superwoman do it all? Drive and determination!!!

"My dad says I came out singing instead of crying" says Sonia. Born in St. Michaels, Barbados, her family migrated to Canada when she was 5 years old. She began singing in private with her father. "He used to have a sound system---but he played mostly in the basement. I used to hide at the top of the stairs, listening to him playing records and DJ-ing. "....this is WKRC and this is DJ Keith (WKRC for his name Keith Reynold Collymore). I was exposed to the likes of the Wailers, John Holt, U Roy, Freddie McGregor, Gregory Isaacs, D. Brown, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt at an early age as well as R&B artists like Lionel Ritchie, Teddy Pendegrass, the Ojays, Patti LaBelle, Etta James and Millie Jackson." Soon, her father invited her to take up the mike and sing along with the records ---- the birth of a star!! She was also encouraged by her mother Elmira to sing in the church. She sang for a number of years in the Jr. choir and eventually as a featured soloist. "She has the voice of an angel. Anytime she wants to sing for the Lord, she can sing here" (Pastor Gallimore, Montego Bay).

Throughout High School, Sonia continued to perfect her trade, appearing in numerous school plays and talent shows. Her first "professional" stint as a singer was with the band LeeJahn as a Feature Vocalist. She also provided background vocals for a number of artists including Nana McLean and calypsonian Leon Cordero. As fate would have it, Sonia was called upon to substitute for an ailing back-up singer for reggae veteran Beres Hammond (one of Jamaica's premier male vocalists). So impressed was the crooners management, she was invited to become a part of his harmony section and stayed with them until 1999. It was her tenure with Beres that proved to be the most rewarding to date. Her harmonizing with the crooner has transformed her into a bonafide globe trotter. As part of his set, he would showcase his back-up singers----an experience that has honed her talent. She has developed a soulful stage exuberance, which has been critiqued as to be extremely appealing. From Jamaica to Japan; Canada to the USA, Sonia continues to win over fans with her heart-felt performances. Influenced by Marcia Griffiths, Patti LaBelle, Vanessa Williams and Etta James, she calls her unique style of music ‘G-POP REGGAE’. Per Sonia" G is for Girl---after all I am a girl. Pop---well because I want it to cover everything; most popular aspects of reggae: Roots, Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Traditional Reggae with a little bit of Soul, R&B AND Jazz mixed in. I want to have a special appeal so that even people not familiar with reggae can still enjoy this music." She also cites Ce'cile and Tanya Stevens as inspiration and credits Beres, Freddie McGregor and Lionel Ritchie as inspiring the smooth soulful side of her singing.

Her debut single release-- a remake of Faith Hills "BREATHE" was released on her own XeS Music label. "I was 'forced' to start my own label because no one would take a chance on me as a solo artist." The single won her Female Newcomer of the year and Top Reggae Single of the Year in 2001 from the 17th annual Canadian Reggae Music Awards. 2002 found her winning the Top Female Reggae Singer in the 18th edition of the CRMA and a JUNO nomination.

The following year, she won a JUNO Award (2003) for Reggae Recording of the Year for the single "YOU WON'T SEE ME CRY" and a nomination for Female Singer of the year at the 19th annual CRMA.

Her 2005 JUNO win for her debut CD/Album WYSIWYG (computer acronym for What You See Is What You Get) has been icing on the cake. "This was a special win for me because it was based on an album rather than a single." Produced by Work'n Till Dawn and Gumption Productions, her debut CD’s 14 tracks can attest to the fact that she is more than mere 'eye candy'. If there is such a thing as 'ear candy' this CD is it!!

She has shared the stage with many of reggaes' greats and her vocals can also be heard on the Showcase (Canada) and Showtime (USA) television series "The L Word". Her song writing skills (besides writing 13 of the 14 tracks on the CD) have been spotlighted by singer Patria and the Pop group 3-Deep as well as highlighted on the Canadian television series "Grosse Point"

She has been known to 'lend her talents' to many worth while social causes including "Top 20


Don't You Stop Loving Me

Written By: Sonia Collymore, Collin Barret

I'd take the stars from the sky for you
And if I cried I would cry for you
Everything that I do is for you
And if they're asking me who, its you
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
And if they ask me if i'm about it I'm about you
There's no reason for me to doubt you
'Cause my world starts and ends with you

Don't you stop loving me
My love is guaranteed
Gonna give you everything you need
So don't you stop loving me
You won't stop loving me
As long as you believe
Anything you want just ask of me
But don't you stop loving me

I would spend a lifetime with you
Drop all plans on a dime for you
If my friends couldn't see me with you
That's too bad 'cause I'd still be with you
There isn't any price I wouldn't pay, for you
Know that I'm always gonna stay with you
All the love that I feel is for you
And I know that it's real, it's true


I see myself having babies, with you
Sitting down, knitting booties, for two
In a house, by the sea, with a view
Making dinner and tea, for you
When you come home I'll be looking pretty for you
And all the special things I'm gonna do, me and you
There's no one for me, but you
I'll build my family, with you

Walk Away -featuring Ce'Cile

Written By: Sonia Collymore, Dwight Dawes, Ce'Cile Charlton, Collin Barrett

If he can't give you the loving that you need,
Just walk away
And if he isn't everything you thought he'd be,
Just walk away
'Cause he'll make all kinds of promises
That you know he can't keep
Don't waste your time no need to get in deep
Just walk away

Walk away, mek the youth know say you nah play
You know you'll see a better day, anyway
If you walk away
Walk away, mek the youth listen when you say
Tell him you no have no time fi play, anyway
Turn and walk away
Ce'Cile what you say....

So no mek dem buoy deh
Grag it out, hold it out
From you know him can't stand
Then no watch the pretty talk
No matter what them want say
Understand, big girl, so we want the big man
Cut-and-go-through, we no inna that
Gal like we stand firm innah that
Hot and we confident up innah that
But if we get the right type of loving, ah we that


If you know you can't give this ya girl and A+, what?
No bother come round here baby love
'Cause the real love, straight up
Man a that we want first
Can't get to the Collymore without the right stuff
No bother start nothing if you know you can't done
Ce'Cile, no innah no hit and run
Been there, done that
Walk away if a fun, ah the only thing on your mind, yo yo yo!

If he can't find the time to spend with you
Just walk away
It's all about you, you know what to do
Just walk away
It's time to tell him that you'd rather be
Single like a hit 7"
And all the lies he's trying
You ain't buying girl
So walk away


Turn and walk away!

No Cash Flow

Written By: Sonia Collymore, Dwight Dawes, Collin Barrett, Rory Sharpe

I wanna keep you in the latest gear
(take it to the top)
Go on vacation twice a year
(oh baby girl just make it hot)
But my debts are high
And my funds are low
Barely getting by
Ain't got no cash flow
I wanna buy you expensive things
(baby mi love it like that)
Like fancy cars and diamond rings
(oh baby baby don't stop)
But my debts are high
And my funds are low
Even though I try
Ain't got no cash flow

You know I love you and you are my king
Wanna prove it to you give you everything
Shopping sprees, Hennesy, SUVs, Mercedes
Wanna take you out and have you on the town
Wanna make the time to show my man around
At the beach, In Ochi, By the sea,
You and me, 'cause I..


Chrome's DJ-
Not monetarial, spiritual, intellectual
Mi love yuh physical, sentual, sentimental
Mi give har energy like mi name Mystical
Characteristical, Done read the manual
Hey little cutie, love off your beauty
Whappen mi baby
Wuk up your waistline
Move to the baseline
Whappen mi baby
She keep pulling it when mi put mi bull in it
All nite long
Keep on re-loading it


I'd give it all to you if I could
I always want you to be looking good
In Gucchi, Armani, Rokawear
The girls would stare
So if I were a millionaire
You know I'd take you anywhere
To Paris, lunch in, Italy
Breakfast in, Hawaii
And it's all me, 'cause I

I wanna keep you in the latest gear
(take it to the top)
Go on vacation twice a year
(Oh baby girl just make it hot)
But my debts are high and my funds are low
Barely getting by
'Ain't got no cash flow
I wanna buy you expensive things
(baby mi love it like that)
Like fancy cars and diamond rings
(oh baby baby don't stop)
But my debts are high
And my funds are low
Even though I try
Ain't got no cash flow


Debut Album:
WYSIWYG (winner of the 2005 JUNO for Reggae Recording Of The Year)

Previously Released Singles:
. What Have I Done (Harmony House Records)
. Why Me Jah (Harmony House Records)
. Breathe (XeS Music)
. Roots Wine -feat. Yogi (XeS Music)
. All Right (FiWi Music)
. You Won't See Me Cry (FiWi Music)
. You're In Love (FiWi Music)
. Superwoman (FiWi Music)
. Stop Your Talking (FiWi Music)
. Taken (FiWi Music)
. Takes 2 To Play The Game (XeS Music)

Set List

ORIGINALS by Sonia Collymore:
Takes 2 To Play The Game
No Cash Flow
You Won't See Me Cry
My One Mistake
Dont You Stop Loving Me

ORIGINALS from the upcoming album by Sonia Collymore and Unbreakable
The Kingdom Of The Most High
New Jerusalem
Sing A Good Song

Umbrella Reggae Mix - Rihana
Battlefield Reggae Mix - Jordan Sparks
No One Reggae Mix - Alicia Keys
Eleanor Rigby Reggae Mix - The Beetles
Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston
Pata Pata - Miriam Makeba
Breathe - Faith Hill
Still In Love - Sean Paul & Sasha
One Love - Bob Marley