Sonia's Party!

Sonia's Party!

 New York City, New York, USA

Soul kaleidoscope, reinventing and venting on everything from doo wop to hip hop. So Brooklyn! - like seltzer & da MTA. Singing like walking on the brink, rappin in n out of sync, beats make ya wanna uh, hot as Fat Joe in Miami wearing pink! #gimmethat


"They’re a tongue-in-cheek makeout session completely cognizant of the irony spraying all over their wet T-shirt contest. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned veteran of the week-long bar crawl, Sonia’s Party is a shindig you simply must attend." -- The Deli Magazine

Getting up in Brooklyn's grill since 2009, Sonia's Party! has now progressed to getting in every city's grill- no holds barred- bringing soul music and hip hop to the people in a way that both hits where it counts and reinvents how it's been heard before. Led by wailer Sonia Kreitzer, and often accompanied by rapper Max Burgundy, The Everyone's Invited Band is composed of an army of 8 of the Universe's finest musicians, including a full horn-section.

Sonia's Party! established themselves as music worthy of listeners beyond New York City when they brought the party to the internet, releasing their debut music video "Meat Snack (gimme that!)" on youtube in early 2010 and joining Pandora in 2011. Since then, they have had one of their early songs "Crying in Vain" included in the soundtrack for the feature film, "Tiny Furniture," which won the narrative feature prize at SXSW and has been distributed by IFC. Most recently, Sonia has spent most of 2011 performing internationally and writing her next album. She is now back in the United States as of July and is booking shows for Fall 2011.


Major Transfer Point

Written By: Sonia's Party! & The Everyone's Invited Band (ft Max Burgundy)

Chugga cha Chugga cha cha cha Chugga Stand Clear
Chugga cha Chugga cha cha cha Chugga Stand Clear

Yo it's SK
Everyday is my best day
Keep my pimp hand strong when I'm riding the subway
I like the boys on the G and I usually meet 'em on the platform
Max tell them why it be how it be

Easy, G train-worst in the city
I be waiting an hour for that shit to come and get me

All the boys I meet are chill, but oddly they ain't got no place to be
That's cause the unemployed
That's cause they ride the G!
And ya'll know the G can't get you to your J-O-B
Always getting fired arriving at 8:03
So hey homie! Just a wild guess I bet your night is free
Won't you come and kick it now with Sonia's Party?

I like the girls on the L Train
i like the boys on that G Train
I'm at Atlantic-Pacific
I'm at Union Square
I'm at Queensborough Plaza

Who wanna hang
Doors that clang clang
I need priority seating, when I board my train
i like the girls on the L
Style so swell
I'm thinking how the hell does she afford Bedford by herself?
She went to liberal arts college in the Midwest
And got big breasts
And made her own dress
And she doesn't hesitate cashing her daddy's checks
Our eyes met, we connect
Now every third Thursday she's sendin me texts
Like "Yo It's Beth. I'm running 5 minutes late. Meet me at Broadway Lafayette"


But ya can't really trust no one on the train
Ridin in a box make the man go insane
you can't really trust no one on the train
Riding in a box make the man go insane

This story's over, this is my stop
Clear the platform, get the fuck back
Clear the platform, get the fuck back

I'm at Grand Central Station, clusterfuck of people
Take the shuttle to Times Square, clusterfuck the sequel
Penn Station to Port Authority, seems like 8 million New Yorkers getting off at the same spot
New York is a giant melting pot
No, the fuck it's not
No, the fuck it's not!
No, the fuck it's not!



EP- Party O'Clock, June 2010
Single- Meat Snack, September 2009
Demo- Sonia's Party! & The Everyone's Invited Band, Feb 2009

Single "Crying in Vain" appears on Soundtrack for the Motion Picture "Tiny Furniture" (2010)

Set List

Crying in Vain
Major Transfer Point
Fools Gold
Own It
Closed Circuit
Hitch Hike
I'd Rather Go Blind
Meat Snack
You'll Know
Stop Talking (To Me)
Heart on a String
Bad Man
I'm Going Down
Waited on You Too Long
Infected Love