Sonia V.

Sonia V.


A proven independent singer/songwriter, winning Independent Music Awards album of the year award, numerous songwriting and artist awards, internationally acclaimed female rock artist that stands above the rest with her superior vocals, songwriting and riveting performance!


Indie Rocker, Sonia V. has captured listeners around the world with her indie rock vibe by taking modern rock into a more cutting edge territory. Sonia's music has a sound of it's own as an unmistakable female rock voice that is unique among other artists in the industry. Along with co-writing with big-timers like Jerome Fontamillas of Switchfoot, Sonia has also snagged the coveted Independent Album of the Year award for the 2006 Independent Music Awards. Distribution by Borders and promotion by the IMA's will ensure more people will be hearing Sonia V.

With a musical style that captivates modern pop culture and MTV viewers, Sonia is often described as "a Rock Chick with attitude". Although her roots are in gospel music, Sonia's unique sound isn't the typical package you'd expect, allowing her to reach a broader audience with her music. Sonia states "Despite all the raised eyebrows I've seen throughout my life, I have learned to just be me, and that I'm alright that way. I have never been mistaken for "normal" and once you catch a glimpse of who I am, you'll never forget me. It's the wild hair, crazy quirks, and rock-lovin' weirdo that I am. I think everyone just needs to know they're alright for who they are no matter what anybody else thinks."

Already awarded the honor of being named "Female Breakout Artist of 2005" by the American Christian Music Awards and featured on the cover of the American Christian Music Journal, Sonia is receiving international attention with her latest release, "a thing or 2", charting at #1 on countless radio stations worldwide and receiving raving reviews for the new Modern Rock/Alternative release that has been prominently featured on countless media sites, radio stations, magazines, and radio shows across the globe (for a full list of press, please visit

Sonia's "a thing or 2" CD release covers cutting edge modern rock territory and includes all original tunes penned by Sonia and a few music friends including producer Chris Shandrow (The Frantics, Goodbye Audio, Miss Angie, Stereo Deluxx), independent artist friend Teresa Garcia and Jerome Fontamillas of Switchfoot. The first single and title track "A Thing Or 2", has already made it's mark on Rock, Alternative and College radio charts hitting #1 on several stations and hitting #1 on the National Modern Rock/Alternative Singles Chart along with "Alive" co-written with Jerome Fontamillas of Switchfoot which debuted at #1 on the ACMJ Modern Rock Charts it's first week out. "Superstar" has crossed over into the secular radio market and has also hit #1 in numerous individual radio stations internationally.

Full of passion, originality and ready to rock, Sonia V. is making noise in the independent music scene and has turned a few heads in the industry by bringing her music & messages to thousands across the globe through her independent releases and with her explosive new internationally syndicated hit radio show, "The Indie Rock Show" in which Sonia brings the best independent rock talent to the airwaves each week as host and producer of the show. "The Indie Rock Show" received honors by the American Christian Music Awards with an award for "outstanding rock radio show" for the 2004 awards and nomination for "Favorite Syndicated non-commercial radio show of 2005". Carrying the torch for independent artists everywhere, all the horn tooting for others has not left Sonia in the shadows. Her own music has developed a strong grassroots following that has turned into an impressive professional status for an independent artist, charting alongside of some of the heaviest rockers in the music biz like Switchfoot, P.O. D., Fallout Boy, Foo Fighters, The Killers, Nickelback, Anberlin, Kutless and others.

Of recent acclaim, Sonia received recognition by the VH1 benefit, "Song of the Year Contest" for her exceptional song writing ability for the song "A Thing Or 2", the title track off her new release, and recognized as one of the "must hear artists" by the Song of the Year panel. Sonia competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. Song of the Year is an international song writing contest supporting VH-1's Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners. The title track has also made it to the 3rd round of judging in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition. Sonia received the award for "CCM Song of 2002" by the Gospel Music Association proving her extraordinary talent is worthy of being recognized by some of the most prominent music organizations. Sonia was also recently featured and interviewed by and listed as one of Peta's "Top Hollywood Hotlist of Animal Rights Supporters" along with several Hollywood hotlisters including Pink, Alec Baldwin, Avril Lavigne, Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, Missy Elliott and Moby among many others. In addition, Sonia was also


a thing or 2

Written By: Sonia Vannest

I know a thing or 2 about love
I know a thing or 2 about You

Your kind of love is taking me over
You never let me go
I've got a feeling You kinda know
a thing or 2 I don't about love
Oh, about love...

You know a thing or 2 about me
Yes You do now
You know every little thing that I need

Your kind of love is taking me over
You never let me go
I've got a feeling You kinda know
a thing or 2 I don't about love
Oh about love

You're taking me over, yeah
You're taking me over
You're taking me over yeah
You're taking me over...


"Oh Sweet Tragedy/Anthems From the Ashes" 2009
"a thing or 2" - Atomic Planet Records 2005
"Passion of My Soul" - Independent EP 2002
"For Your Glory" - Independent 2001

"Contemporary Christian Album of the Year' - Independent Music Awards 2006

"Female Breakout Artist of the Year" - American Christian Music Awards 2005

International Songwriting Contest - "a thing or 2", Semi-finals round of judging 2006 (winners announced March '06)

VH1 Song of the Year - 'a thing or 2"

Billboard Songwriting Contest - "Superstar"

Gospel Music Association - CCM Song of the Year - "You are My Life"

Nom. Female Alternative Rock Artist - CMCentral

#1 Alternative/Modern Rock Album - ACMJ

Peta's Hollywood Hotlist of Animal Rights Supporters

Sonia V. is the host and producer of "The Indie Rock Show - an internationally syndicated radio show airing the hottest independent rock artists on the planet! The Indie Rock Show was awarded
"Outstanding Modern Rock/College Radio Show of 2004" by the American Christian Music Awards! and
Nominated "Favorite Syndicated Non-Commercial Radio Show of 2005"

Set List

Typical set is 8-10 songs and can range from 30-60 minutes depending on needs of promoter/host. High paced, energetic and fun for a youth or young adult crowd. Songs from "a thing or 2" and new release "Oh Sweet Tragedy/Anthems from the Ashes"