The Foghorns

The Foghorns

 Seattle, Washington, USA

We just moved to Seattle from Iceland. We play rock with a lot of country, blues and folk in it, then we put beautiful, bizarre Celtic violin on top.


Okay, what we've got going for us is intelligence, honesty and originality-- with this, and with brutal touring, we built a following first in Iceland, playing constantly for two years in some of the more remote areas of Iceland, and then in the US, driving cross country. We play one festival regularly, Iceland Airwaves. But now that we've moved to Seattle, we're interested in playing the local festival. Sonicbids is against everything we stand for, and we are signing up for it only for Bumbershoot and for a festival in Wisconsin Bart grew up going to, Summerfest.


LPs: Olympus (2007), New Low ver 2 (2007), New Low (2006), So Sober (2004), Gone Upstairs (2003), Beef for Everyone (2002)
Played on radio: Golden Ghosts, single, 2007, WORT Madison, KMSU Mankato; Sunken Treasure, cover of Wilco song, KMSU Mankato.

Set List

We typically play 20 songs, or an hour and a half. Most songs are three minutes. We do not play covers, though we once played a waltz version of Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City.