Sonic Forest

Sonic Forest

 Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

"Sonic Forest" temporary art/sound installation, is triggered by both public interaction and electronic instruments. As people pass through, they trigger both melodic and environmental sounds, thereby "playing" the forest. A great musical oasis for festival goers.


Christopher Janney is trained as an architect and jazz musician and has created public interactive sound-light artworks and performances all over the world. "Sonic Forest" is part of his "Urban Musical Instrument" series along with "Reach!", permanently installed on the N-R platform of the 34th St. subway station in New York City and "Harmonic Runway", an interactive 180-foot long walkway composed of 132 10-foot tall sheets of colored glass in the Miami International Airport. He also created "Heartbeat:mb", a performance toured throughout the world in which Mikhail Baryshnikov danced to the sound of his own heartbeat.

"Mixing architecture and music, my interest is to have music wrap around you like a blanket." Janney said. The "Forest" has also been planted at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, in New York City as part of Lincoln Center�s Out-of-Doors Festival and in Pittsburgh as part of that city's Three Rivers Arts Festival. "The challenge at Bonnaroo was to create this communal musical instrument that you not only walk through, but you can play, interacting with others and at times, the drummers."

In addition to his artwork, Janney is also a Visiting Professor at both Pratt Institute and The Cooper Union School of Architecture in New York where he teaches his course titled �Sound as a Visual Medium.�


•"CBS Sunday Morning" feature
• "Drum of Time" documentary for PBS produced by Tropiculture
• "Extreme Homes" feature for HGTV
• CD: "Blue/Green" for Origins/Estee Lauder
Soundscores for the following public artwork installations:
• "Harmonic Runway", Miami International Airport
• "Chromatic Oasis", Sacramento International Airport
� "Whistle Grove" National Steamboat Monument, Cincinnati, OH
� "Touch My Building, Charlotte, NC
� "Passing Light", San Antonio International Airport,TX
Forthcoming Projects:
� "Rainbow Passages", Logan International Airport, Boston, MA
� "Circling", Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, TX
"Visual Music Project" Soundtracks
� "African Float"
� "JumpUps"
� "Upstairs/Downstairs"

all music �C/F Janneymusic, Inc.

Set List

• 24 hour public accessibility
• Ever-changing interactive soundscore
• A "ghost in the machine" will trigger the installation at random moments, and the suclptuer will "play by itself" for short intervals when no one has passed through it.
• For added level of interaction, the work incorporates a RIDDLE, which is written on a nearby board. The answer to the riddle is a specific path through the columns - follow the path, and "Sonic Forest' will respond with a dance of its own.