Sonic Geometry

Sonic Geometry

 Denver, Colorado, USA
SoloEDMNew Age

Pink Floyd, Shpongle, and Daft Punk crash-land on a foreign planet. After eating the wild mushrooms growing there, they climb to a mountaintop recording studio where they stay for 3 years. The music they record sounds like...Sonic Geometry! Andy Beyer performs originals live with guitar and laptop.


Sonic Geometry, a.k.a. Andy Beyer, is one of the most creative and unique acts emerging from today's conscious bass music movement. Born from the fusion of Colorado's jamtronica and electronic music culture, Sonic G combines ear-bending live glitch performance with passionate guitar playing and a deep atmosphere that echoes the pulse of the universe in a one-of-a-kind live electronic experience. Described as "trippy but danceable," his tracks and all-original/live remix sets bear strong and diverse influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix to Shpongle and Daft Punk. Sonic Geometry has made multiple appearances on's Next Level Radio and in venues around the country. He has shared the stage with notable acts such as Psymbionic, kLL sMTH, Skytree, One4All, and The Flashbulb. This summer he is slated to perform with famed glitch-hoppers Mouldy Soul and The Fruitbat, and live electronic prodigies Zoogma as well as others. Earlier this year, Andy single-handedly ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a 2013 U.S. tour, and he brought Sonic Geometry to the southern U.S. He is currently booking dates for an East Coast run later this summer and fall. His releases include a self-distributed 6 track album and a benefit compilation appearance alongside Nit Grit, Sugarpill, and others (Be Green Records BGRN-003). His remix of Mr. Bill's track Cheyah reached the top 20 of over 200 entries in a remix contest, receiving praise from Jesse Brede of Gravitas Recordings. When he isn't traveling the country playing his music, he lives in Denver, CO.


1. The Sacred Geometry of Life (album)
2. "Peace and Love and Understanding (track from Be Green Records compilation BGRN-003)