Sonic Insanity

Sonic Insanity


The band's name is "Sonic Insanity" it sounds like Acid -Jam - psychedelic -Trance-hop


Sonic Insanity uses modern hip hop and urban street grooves set to classic and modern rock guitar. Heavy keyboard riffs and pitch bending with lots of delay lines to capture that over the top psychedelic , trippy , acid groove sound . We also use a high tech computerized light show that moves to the beat of our music , it constantly changes giving a spectacular visual presentation. Our main photo backdrop is a snapshot picture of our live light show.


Sonic Insanity is available at my website

Set List

Set one : The Mirror , Addicted , Magic , Sweet Insanity , Falling : this set runs appox one hour with segue's Set Two: 2 Hot 2 Handle , Frustration , My Situation , The Game , You Better Run : this set runs approx one hour with segue's : Encore : War Pigs [ hip hop version ] Wound two tight : approx 15 minutes