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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review by Nuno Lourenço from PROGGNOSIS"

"If Hugo Flores had already caught my attention with his Atlantis album, this new project Sonic Pulsar has really fully satisfy me. The vocals are better and tremendously consistent with the music, showing the natural evolution of this young but fantastic musician.

The songs are also constructed with more depth and a true progressive understanding making me wonder what Sonic Pulsar will achieve next, if they keep evolving like this!

The album opens with powerful and hard-edged guitar riffing and soloing. But Radio Silent does not stick in those grungy sounds. As the music unfolds it grows into something innovating and mutating. The true progressive sensibility of Hugo Flores is well demonstrated here. Though in its heavier suit.

Dreamscape changes the play set, as it starts with a calm ambience that may remind you of Bjorn Lynne's The Gods Awaken or even, in another angle, Scott Mosher. This is a very tight and secure song, with very competent programming in what concerns the drum machine and exquisite keyboard playing. The guitar solo is aggressive but molded inside this ambient capsule, demonstrating the strange yet effective duality of this talented musician.

Dead Flowers further explores the aforementioned duality, as the vocals and the guitar riffing are generators of a heavy structure, but the song does not sound metallic. I wouldn’t call it prog metal; it's more like hard prog with a very acute personal view of the combination between melodic and ethereal keyboards with edgy distorted guitars.

Wasted is a sort of a ballad, Hugo Flore's way. It is not a mellow track for it mixes (again) some harder parts, but it slides quite easily. Again, the guitar soloing is awesome. The 8 minutes that the song lasts are a showdown in changing rhythms and music direction.

The band's name song is guitar oriented but in a melodic way. Its an instrumental track where Hugo explores his guitar abilities to the extreme. It sounds reminiscent of Vai's or Satriani's kind of approach.

In I have this stone, Hugo returns to his Atlantis sound. The vocals are very emotional and the song is more alternative. The haunting keyboard work of Carlos Mateus is worthy of praising. Almost unnoticed but complementing with style the final result.

In slow motion turns another great page in this album. The cared mix between Space, New-Age and Neo-Prog is great. The calmness is contagious and the way the instruments enter the play can really surprise you. This is one of the best songs in the album. Detailed, aired and ear candy.

This is not a jam session has a light and quickly forgotten jazzy feeling to it when it starts but it's really all about the guitar virtuosos of Hugo. The music starts with ambient sounds and evolves to prog-metal guitar soloing. This is pure power that seemed to be screaming to get out.

Perspective is the perfect demonstration of its title...the combination of different perspectives that populate this artists imagination. Even if the song is less strong than most the others in this album, it shows the different playgrounds where Sonic Pulsar expand their sound.

Made of Dreams is a quiet interlude in form of a ballad. The keyboards are, again, very well played and the vocals can really grab the emotion by its fingertips. Beautiful.

The album title song brings back to surface the inventive side. Again the interplay is excellent and the guitar work flawless. Positive waves circle all around this instrumental song for it is uprising. Excellent stuff really.

The last song closes the album in style. It occasionally reminds me of solo Bruce Dickinson pseudo-ballads (but only for split seconds). The song is harmonious and with a very distinctive melodic sense. Hugo's personal signature is very strong all over the album and he is really revealing himself to be a gifted guitar player and a enlighten progressive composer.

The progger can put his ears with confidence here and the progressive labels should pay attention to this project and the obvious potentiality of future works. The talent is here for anyone to take notice."
Nuno Lourenço 25.03.2002


. Atlantis (1st Hugo Flores' solo album) - produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by HFP on sale at
. Playing the Universe - produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by HFP.
. Out of Place - A Mellow Records release.
. Hugo Flores' second album - to be released (2006)
. Creation - Floating World
.CReation - Dawn on Pyther (2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


NEW Project Creation Album:
Dawn on Pyther is a powerful, hauntingly beautiful album, blending intense rock and metal with dense ambient landscapes, culminating in a progressive and symphonic sound, fronted by strong female and male vocals.


Sonic Pulsar started in 2000 with Hugo Flores and Carlos Mateus.
Hugo and Carlos met in school when they they were both living in Brussels, Belgium. They started playing the guitar together and by that time Hugo was already writing songs. They met in 1990, started playing guitar in 1993 and started Sonic Pulsar in 2001. In between, Hugo returned to Portugal in 1995, while Carlos went to England in 1996. Between 1996 and 2000, Hugo wrote some songs and finished 3 CDs, of which the last one, "Atlantis", was published by Fossil Records. Carlos contributed to this album with some lyrics. In August 2000, Carlos returned to Portugal to study for his Masters and in January 2001 they decided that they wanted to work together as a band, whilst not giving up Hugo's solo career. They started writing in February and finished this CD in December. They are very proud of what they´ve been able to accomplish by themselves.

Their mix of genres comes out very naturally and it is a combination of their musical influences. Recently Nuno Ferreira joined the project, and he'll play in the bass section. Nuno is also a great guitar player, however he wanted to expand his knowledge, and began playing the bass and having regular jazz lessons.