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"Up And Coming"

Junior Jerrell Morris didn't have a regular part-time job like many students. He made money by being a rapper. "I started when I was seven, because rapping was hot at the time. I wasn't very good, but I stuck with it," stated Morris. His hard work paid off when he released his first Cd in 2006. He hoped to pursue rapping as a career, too. - Lincoln Way East



Nov.17 2007
Sonikk "The Comeback Kid"

Feb.4 2008
SonCity Productions Presents
Back 2 basics Mix-Tape V.1

Mar.18 2008
SonCity Productions Presents
Back 2 Basics Mix-Tape V.2

May.16 2008
SonCity Productions Presents
The SonCity Chronicles

There Is an album I'm working on entitled DarkSide Stories. I have 2 singles out from the album, Final Wish, and She Thinks.

Working on a new mixtape entitled Back 4 More, soon to come out Jan. 2010, so lets hope everything turns out good.



Sonikk Who Is That?

No Fame No Glory, just underground hits! The words give up and quit aren't in the dictionary to me. From a young age I've been surrounded by music. My mother singing in small churches, and so as my grandma. my brother writing lyrics and producing music while attending Columbia College. So I know what to bring to the table.
I was always told to chase my dream, and that's what I will keep on doing. I started off small, sitting in the back of the class just writing raps, having people shot me down saying "Give up! You wont make it!". That right there just inspires me the most, all the down talk influences me the most. I've been doing music since 99'. Nobody knew of me, nor even had a thought of me. In 05' it all change. I got my first gig at a community high school, for a rap contest. I entered and walked away a winner, It has not been the same since. I went from cassette recording in bedrooms or garages to proTools 7 along with Logic Studio in actual studios. It was kind of happing to fast! I had no name just Jerrell. Until one day sitting around with the guys till one of them said" Damn, you speak too fast your like Sonic with words!". Thats when it happing I adopted the name Sonikk with a few tweaks. That became the name of the Mokena, Tinley Park area. 05' was the era of Sonikk, until greed played a big roll. I got caught up into the life of money. I left my crew and signed with an independent label BWP(Black White Productions). I was screwed out of everything not reading the fine print. Failure to produce anything, I completely lost it all even the crowed, it was as if I was back at point one, I never existed. From the end of 05' to the end of 07', I waited for the contract to end or be voided of something, but i had to make it trough. 07' I was released from BWP, felt as if I just left prison. I didn't know what to do. I got a job at fast foods doing promos at the drive-thru. Got together some short cash and invested in a GlX condenser mic and an mbox2 mini. Got a couple of beats from other hot artist at the time and decided to drop a mix-tape to see if i still had it. It was entitled Sonikk "The Comeback Kid". A shock sold over the whole school that was about 4,000+ students for $5 cd's. I'll end the story like this. Through hell and back I continued to chase my dream, and i don't know the future or what's bound to happen but I'm willing to give any label a chance to sign me... and you won't regret it. Instead of trying to find the next star. Just look in front of you. You have one right here!
~Sonikk"|The Comeback Kid|"~