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LOVDRUGD 2010 (coming soon)



I was Raised In Church. My Father is a priest, Raised me under the belief of Christ although Later In my youth i chose to rebell against it.
I've been writing music Since the age of 10. Each Day i would Get these Random Melodies in My head Out of Nowhere and i would record as i could remember into my little casio keyboard my father bought for me as a christmas present. I truely Valued It, even though it was so Cheap. (Laugh out loud).
People always Told Me i was a Great Singer. I Never Understood It Until Now Because even i Loved Singing i Never Found Passion In It, I just did it For fun. I Always Wanted To Be a Supermodel.
I suffered emotionally as a youth. With so much pressure on me and my family, it seemed like i couldnt really enjoy my life because i was always in Church. I felt Forced and later Became Angry with My God Because although it was my fathers Fault I felt That if there was no God Church would Be the Least of my Worries.
I Started Playing Drums For my Church. Later with a lot of Practice i became really good With my playing But at the same Time Bored, I was Ready to move on. So, In Middle School i Took Up Violin. For 4 Years I Stayed Consistant and Later Dreamed to Became one Of the greatiest Violinist Ever. I Later Then Tought My Self the Piano (by Ear) thats when i was able To Fluently Play without any hesitation. Learning the Piano i then discovered how To Compose Music. I always Stayed Trapped in My Bed Room Just Writing and creating My Sound, Studying My image, Singing and talking to God, Asking To Make Me A Star. I Said " God, If You Make Me I Star, I will Continue To Sing Forever". I Sounded So Corny But i was sencere About it.
In My Childhood I missed Out on alot. I grew up with 7 sisters and 1 other Brother, we all Living in One house Hold, Fighting For the Most attention. Alot of times i Just Gave up trying. i was always over Powered by My Siblings, i was more like the Quiet one, But what that did was make me Ball up all my emotions Inside and my "XSCAPE" was threw my music. The Message i Sing through my Music Is Out of the emotion of searching out For Something that I Feel like i Missed Out In My Life Time, And i Believe that One thing Is "LOVE".
My New Record "LOVDRUGD" I dedicate To Myself & to People Who Lived and Still Living Out there Lives Searching For Innervention.
My Single "XSCAPE" Speaks Out to The PEOPLE, How Hard Is to Xscape out of The Imprisonment of A Brokenheart, But Yet It Still leads You A way out, and Its through The Music.