Sonja Marie

Sonja Marie



Singer/songwriter, performer, Sonja Marie fuses her passion for music, art and life on the strings of her acoustic guitar in hopes of inspiring the world to live with purpose. Born and raised in Littleton, New Hampshire to musically and artistically inclined parents, Sonja Marie discovered her voice at an early age. Charged with her desire to experience life fully, this self taught guitarist traveled the Atlantic East Coastlands to Savannah, Georgia, singing, writing and exploring the power of music. Her journeys through Nashville and New Orleans are evident in her country, folk, blues and rock sound, as is her quest for purpose. On her first CD, “Peace To The Nations,” released in 2006, Sonja Marie shared her faith and hope for peace. Fans and music lovers will continue to enjoy her melodious vocals, inspiring lyrics and chords on her second release, “Freedom Tour,” available soon.


Sonja, " Peace To The Nations"