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Sonnet Man

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Devon Glover a.k.a. The Sonnet Man is a teacher, poet, and rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He performs Shakespeare's Sonnets in Hip Hop nationally and abroad in schools, universities, and theaters. The Sonnet Man has appeared on The Today Show and MSNBC. Some special appearances include U.K.’s Stratford Upon Avon, Stratford Festival in Ontario, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and many more. Most recently, he won The L.A. Times Book Award for Inspirational Poetry. CD is now on ITunes.


William Shakespeare is considered the worlds greatest writer, a mainstay of drama and literature. Yet for many, especially young people, his Elizabethan vernacular can be a challenge.

The Sonnet Man sets Shakespeares love sonnets to Hip Hop and features brilliant rap artist Devon Glover. Conceived and produced by Broadway Playwright Arje Shaw, The Sonnet Man brings Shakespeare to young audiences in a genre they know and love. Through Hip Hop, Shakespeare will become exciting and fun, introducing young people to classical literature, raising literacy, improved communication, greater enthusiasm for learning, increase creativity, raise confidence, and will set a foundation for appreciation of the arts.

Perfect for schools, theatres, and organizations, The Sonnet Man offers performance and workshop to both entertain and educate. Featured artist Devon Glover, a modern day Sonnet Man, delivers the sonnets as originally written, and then breaks it down into spoken word. Mr. Glovers flow embodies the richness of Shakespeares language, and his passionate, yet natural delivery offers an inspiring, creative experience audiences love.

Mr. Glovers story is an inspiration in itself. Born and raised along with two brothers by a single mom in Brooklyn, he has strived all his life to make something of himself and to give back. He went through the New York City Public School system and is a graduate of Ithaca College.  Mr. Glover tours nationally, teaching and conducting workshops/performances with the educational company, Academic Entertainment.  The Sonnet Man has performed in Negril, Jamaica by special invitation from the Board of Education in the Soul Rebellion Hip Hop Festival.  Mr. Glover has also performed in Prescott, Ontario (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival), and in Shakespeare's hometown AND school, Stratford-upon-Avon (King Edward VI School) 

Devon Glover was featured on The Today Show with a tremendous national response. The producer said, Ive never had so many emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the story and especially the song!


Sonnet 130

Written By: Devon Glover,The Sonnet Man

Verse 1 is Shakespeare's words

Verse 2
130 (Breakdown)
My mistress-misses-eliminate my stress.
The list is endless-the reasons she’s my best.
Her personality fits perfect with my mindset. Unconditionally, her loving is priceless,
while mine is infinite. Our love is limitless.
Yeah, she has a pretty face; got a few blemishes. Beauty mark, movie star, under the surface
she’s worth it. It’s the flaws that make her perfect. When she speaks, I know music has a sweeter tone. And, sometimes, she smells like she wants to be alone. But, it’s me and her alone. No, she doesn’t have the glow,
but everytime I vision her, I write another ode.
My mistress-misunderstood, misrepresented,
the total package, the girl is heaven sent.
She’s never misleading-take me out my misery.
My mistress-my love for her is not a mystery.

Verse 3
My mistress. Me, I am her mister,
and she is my misses. When she’s gone, I miss her, Make no mistakes with her, there is no mistrust,
or miscuse with us. You can’t misplace this love. Miss Love. I am on a mission to give her what’s she’s missing
No misprint. Listen.
I’ve gone the distance with my mistress thus far.
And that’s ‘cause she’s never misused my heart.
My Mistress. We might be a mismatch,
but when together with her, there are no mishaps.
A couple misfits passed and thought she was misfor- tune.
Fitting, that I picked my fortune, while they missed on it.
In the foreing eye, she seems disorganized.
See, the public is quick to misjudge,
and I get emotional when I talk about my missy.
I’m not tearing, I just get a little misty.

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