Sonntag is from Silverlake,Ca. The heart of sonntag is great songs and high energy performances. Their sound is bumpy bass lines, dance beats and synth bits woven together by punk-spy-garage guitars, providing the backdrop to passionate tales of everyday existence. Electrodancedetectivegarage.


Sonntag was born on a Sunday in a garage in Silverlake California. The sounds that emanated from the tight space were that of bumpy bass lines, electro beats and synth bits woven together by electric guitars that owe as much to punk-garage as they do to James bond. This soundscape providing the backdrop to passionate tales of everyday existence.

The roots of Sonntag lie in the Miami dirt. This is where 5 years ago Chilean born singer/guitarist Caty Tasso was looking for a guitar player to start a band and met Josh Sonntag from New York at a guitar shop. They started performing as an acoustic duo and later formed the Latin Alternative band MOXI with some friends and rocked the Miami Indie Rock scene while gathering a loyal following at venues such as ‘Churchill’s’ located in ‘Little Haiti’.

Their energetic live shows attracted Grammy winning producer/engineer Sebastian Krys. He got hold of their demo and impressed by their catchy songs, offered to produce what became their self-titled debut album with national distribution in 2002. The album featured the single ‘Volvere’, which received rotation on MTVS and the band shared the stage with Juanes, Molotov, and Julieta Venegas. They toured the USA that year backed by a corporate sponsorship, and appeared in a commercial for Tecate beer.

In one of the their tours to Los Angeles they decided to further explore the West Coast music scene so they relocated ending up in the artist friendly Silverlake neighborhood. Lifting the constraints of being labeled latin rock and thriving to incorporate all of the exciting ideas and sounds around them, Sonntag was born.

The upcoming self-titled debut album contains twelve songs written and recorded by Caty and Josh and adding the talents of two LA veteran musicians of the Latin Alternative scene; Mexican born Argel ‘Arhkota’ Cota on drums and bassist Rick Jeschke-Deliz, who was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Puerto Rico.

The songs performed in English with little sprinkles of Spanish, range from the lo-fi electro-garage of “Gold Chain (no quiero)” to the driving Detective riffing of “Get Away” (complete with a jungle-Bond breakdown) to the dance rock of “better” and “50 days” to the all out electro-stomp of “Skango”. Other great songs include “come with me”, “in your head” and “bet for best”.
The full length CD will be available March 2005 with a formal release in April 2005.
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sonntag EP (2004)
"Gold Chain (no quiero!)" and "50 Days" currently being played on L.A.'s indie 103.1
sonntag full lenght cd.available on

Set List

Get Away
Gold Chain (no quiero!)
In Your Head
On Fire
50 Days
Bet For Best
Come With Me
Set time is aprox 35-40 min (more available if needed).