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Sonn Whis

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Sonn-Whis gives hip-hop just what it's been missing for too long, banging tracks with real lyrics that takes him to legendary status!


Coming from a city statically titled as one of the poorest cities in the nation arises the self-appointed King of Ohio proclaiming himself, “Sonn-Whis” or “S-Dubb” his lyrical talent together with his incredible dedication propels him forward to be one of the top MC’s in the game. His commercial appeal and crossover capabilities encompass his level of literacy to always write and make music for the people that’s hit worthy. Since, the breeding of Bone Thugs and Harmony from a musically-deprived Cleveland, Ohio no one has shown the game an impressive flow and delivery that further sets them apart from Bone’s sound or from the flood of Cleveland MC’s imitating the south while rumbling for block recognition at local venues and events. It’s time for the Sonn to Shine!

A young Sonny Smith born in Cleveland, Ohio to a cosmetologist and full-time mother of six shifted living lifestyles from middle-class to the depths of East Cleveland. A city marked for its extreme poverty, high intensity of violence, overrunning gang activity, and infamous drug trafficking. As an escape from violent encounters Whis analyzed his environment and became a leader, at age 11 Whis wrote poetry and befriended “Trap” a young gang member of “Hilltop Hustlerz” that noticed his writing potential and they established the group “ARD” (Armageddon Rogue Disciples) along with a friend “Marty”. Amidst the grimy streets of E.C. the group began writing and recording their music with the first song dedicated to Damon Bishop and his younger brother who was murdered by a disloyal close associate of ARD & Damon (Cepheus). With the demeaning streets of Cleveland playing as a backdrop they became the fore-front as Whis became a stead fast hustler. Looking for a change of gears Whis moved to the Mecca of hip hop music Brooklyn, New York to stay with family. While there a cousin (Aldo) introduced Sonn-Whis to some acquaintances from Cleveland who forms the group the “G.I. Joez” with additional members in Cleveland, Ohio.

From the summer of 1995 to 2001 as a founding member Sonn-Whis once known as Destro from the short-lived super group of 9 members the “G.I. Joez” Sonn-Whis felt the brunt of working cohesively as a group. In 2000, the group was the first in Ohio that appeared in the Source’s “Unsigned Hype” section in the November issue while opening for Ja-Rule, Nas, Wu-Tang, The Murderers, GangStar, and others. In which, S-Dubb received the quoted verse on the song “Rock’em Like Jewelry” within the article. The group then garnered the attention of Sony Records and others, however, with improper management and egos a record deal was never secured. From that point the Joez begin to diminish and dismantle forcing Sonn-Whis to be the leader that he is deemed to be by retreating to the school of hard knocks to rise from a prince to a king.

Set List

5-6 songs is a typical set being about 30-35 minutes long.