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Sonny Apollo

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sonny Apollo "WDCK""

A combination of dreamy voice and upbeat tempo is never a rare thing in the music scene. But when things get groovy and all, you know you’re in for a unique ride.

Sonny Apollo is an aspiring artist who is currently creating a strong name in countries such as United States, Estonia, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, and Canada to name a few. The Chicago-based artist has his own musicality topped with an amazing voice and subtle arrangement that will probably remind you of bright stars like Miguel or The Weeknd during their humble beginnings—only funkier.

Through the internet, Sonny was able to give his audience a glimpse of what he could become. He wrote his very first demo to put an end to his slump. “Die Young”, released back in July, got his audience crave for more—and that’s why he’s giving them what they’re asking for.

Sonny promised his followers a brand new record that will surely showcase his talents as a musician. Like any other aspiring artist who made their way through the internet, Sonny has strived and went through a lot just to put his talent out there. Setbacks and delays on releasing his first EP didn’t stop him from getting the right momentum. As a matter of fact, these things inspired him to make a push on his record “Gypsy Fire”.

Sonny released a preview of his talent with his very first single “White Diamonds and Calvin Klein”, a tremendous taste of his own musical creativity that will tell you why he’s so unusual in the scene. The single is initiated with an upbeat arrangement on drums followed by his very own melody of “Diamonds, diamonds,” which came to him while he was in a bus stop.

There are so many factors that inspired the single but to Sonny it was mostly about his mother, the women in Philadelphia, and his meeting with Ben Cottrell in Chicago. “Gypsy Fire”, however, was influenced by many negative factors such as anger, passion, and lust that probably altered Sonny’s direction at some point, but it never stopped him from making good music.

All systems go. Sonny Apollo will fulfill his dreams of becoming the first of his kind with his first ever EP “Gypsy Fire” out in a few days.

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"Sonny Apollo "WDCK""

Hey everyone! Today's Artist Spotlight is one I'm incredibly excited about. Sonny Apollo is not only a talented musician but a very close friend of mine! Sonny (birthname Joshua Diggs) grew up in Frederick, MD (along with myself). Sonny was his grandfather's nickname, and Apollo is the Greek god of light, music, and poetry to name a few. Once graduating high school, he attended Columbia College Chicago and has been bouncing all over from Philadelphia back out midwest recording and performing.

My first reaction to Sonny's latest single "White Diamonds and Calvin Klein" was to simply get up and dance! But upon sitting down and listening to it a second time I was soon thoroughly impressed. The instrumentals sound heavily influenced by classical music, i.e. in the guitar parts used, no doubt a result of his past classical training and Columbia experience. Along with a killer drum beat, this song has an overall 80s feel that seems intriguing instead of overdone. Instrumental credits go to Drew Fridge on keyboard, Justin Kopczynski on guitar, and Brian Moore on saxophone.

The lyrics were really the convincing point. The song begins with Sonny singing of a beautiful woman, dressed in "white diamonds and Calvin Klein" who is "dressed to kill, dressed to thrill". Later in the song the artist admits that "she is so much more". What I find interesting about this is that so many other songs in pop culture have no problem speaking in a rather vulgar way regarding women without a second thought. For Sonny to acknowledge women actually being, gasp!, human, is wonderfully refreshing to me.
Sonny says about the song "It's an ode to women and an observation. While producing and arranging I wanted to make sure that my crew knew that it was important to have fun and to be light!"

Well, I would certainly say he succeeded! To listen to the song yourself, look no further! - Leah Thomas

"Sonny Apollo "YCDB""

Hey all! So I had taken a bit of a few week hiatus, not only from Gypsy Love but school and work as well. I needed to focus on my mental health for a bit and take some time off, but that's another story for a different day. The important thing is I'm back and ready to keep moving forward!

Before I post any other blog topic I wanted to share with everyone the latest single my dear friend Sonny Apollo just released, You Could Do Better!

Sonny played a show in his current hometown of Chicago Valentines Day weekend, where he performed not only familiar songs but new material as well.

Sticking with his retro, jazzy feel, Sonny does not disappoint with his latest release. Sounding very heavily Bowie-influence, its slower pace is a nice contrast with the dance tracks previously released.
And as I have gotten used to with his releases, I can't take it off repeat!

But don't just take my word for it, listen yourselves! - Leah Thomas

"Introducing Sonny Apollo"

Late September, I had the pleasure of working with a Chicago transplant via New York. Joshua, a Columbia College alum, makes music under the moniker known as Sonny Apollo. Always challenging boundaries, Joshua's manifestation is a performer that channels light and positivity. Sonny Apollo calls upon influences beyond conventional, corporeal understanding. These are his words:

"I found it hard to restrict myself to anything. I got the chance to be inspired, make money, and live life because I let go of the pretensions. I started living more fluidly and in tune."

Joshua considers his upcoming record release a revival not just in terms of genres or musicality, but also a revival of love of life and love of expression. "It's about being a rebel again. Each song is representative of that: an aural excursion blending reality and fantasy into one."

Strongly believing in the collaborative nature of artists, Joshua holds his supporters and session musicians dear to heart and means to never forget his origins. "I'm still the same guy from the East Coast. I just play with more fire now and eat less honey buns." - Kevin Hsia

"Live in NY"

On November 21st, Sonny will be taking over Brooklyn, New York for a night of intimacy as he will provide "All Consuming Fire: A Night of Black magic, Fantasy, and the Son."

The concert will be held at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn at 7pm. General Admission is $10. Sonny and the lab have partnered together to provide an online stream of the show for those who aren't in Brooklyn. Streaming admission is $3.

Hear the songs and the stories that inspired "Gypsy Fire", the voice of "The Show", and the live debut of "Crocodile Tears." - Kevin Hsia


"Gypsy Fire" (2014)



Affectionately referred to by Jimmy Butler of The Chicago Bulls as "The Special One" during his summer 2013 residency at Jellyfish Chicago, Sonny Apollo is a Chicago based recording artist. Having his music reach to other countries such Germany, Saudi Arabia, and India, Sonny Apollo has consistently exceeded expectations and drawn in the curious with his brand of individuality, expression, and  freedom drawing comparisons to Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Prince, and Freddie Mercury of Queen.

"I thought I was going to see a performance but left with an experience"- Fortuna Sung, owner of Shapeshifter Lab. 

"With a musicality like no other, Sonny Apollo brings an earthiness to the tones that resonate with the Vogue fierceness..."-Reudina Martin of Rock n Roll in My Soul Blog. 

"A Young Maurice White"- Craig White, Famed Engineer of The Sound of Philadelphia Era 

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