Sonny Brew

Sonny Brew

 New Rochelle, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop


Anane Dixon, born August 26, 1987 known to most as Sonny Brew, grew up in a small town ten minutes from NYC called New Rochelle. Growing up with hip hop being a part of his family, he knew early on what he wanted to do. Influenced by his older brother, Grand Puba from the legendary group Brand Nubian, Sonny wrote his first sixteen bar verse at the age of nine and performed it in the schools talent show. From there Sonny Brew continued on. By high school he quickly made noise releasing several mixtapes and performing at every local event. People were continuously impressed with his natural talent. Unlike most rappers his age, Sonny's lyrical content was well ahead of his time, which set him apart from the rest.
Sonny Brew considers himself a lyricist. He as well as others feel his music is needed today, which is why he currently performs at numerous venues in various cities and states. New York's legendary club, S.O.B.'s, Webster Hall and The Pyramid to just name a few. Sonny Brew has appeared on blogs such as, This is 50 and NahRight. He continues to do interviews on college and internet radio. Sonny knows it takes hard work, dedication and most of all patience in this industry. "I'm ready for this journey", Sonny Brew says.
Sonny Brew's mixtape titled 'Conversations of Money' was released on February, 25, 2013 which consists of timeless music and will confirm his talent once heard. Many have been quoted as saying that 'Conversations of Money' will go down as a classic.


Conversations of Money - 2/25/13