Sonny Johnson

Sonny Johnson


some original, some covers in the 60's 70's pre motown blues, soul, rock and easy listening style dynamic and inspirational, strong lead vocal and vocal back up from multitalented musicians


Variety music, leaning toward 60's, 70's & 80's style rock, blues, soul and crossover Country. great vocals and harmony, Original songs that speak to any generation and genre. Particularly, those that deal with recovery from the disease of Addiction


Just for today

Written By: Sonny Johnson

Just for today

Copyright 2006 (all rights reserved) Paul “Sonny” Johnson

I see the sun and I feel the rain, I touch my heart and there is no pain
And if there is pain, I know it won’t last
That just for today this too will pass

Just for today. I’ll learn how to pray for others and I will persist
To reach out my hand and offer the present and that’s why they call it a gift

When Life on life’s terms get too demanding, I’ll turn to the God of my understanding
To be honest, open and willing to see, that this prayer will always instill me
Serenity courage and wisdom I pray, in keeping it simple just for today
I’m turning it over……Just for today

One day at a time, one step at a time all that I have is the now
I will live in each moment with no fear of the future
I don’t need to know why only how

Never alone, no, no never again to my higher power I pray,
I will give it away In order to keep it, while living just for today

Chorus and out


Album Release "This is Then" with Sonny & Friends in 1998. Latest album "Just For Today" was released in concert on March 31, 2007 at Muncie, Indiana's Cornerstone Center For the Arts With performing Artists; Carl Storie, Cook and Belle, Greg Rhodes and others. The Title song can be found on 12 step radio and the entire album accessed on and

Set List

Knock on wood, Just for today, I can see clearly now, Stand by me, Little bit of soap, It's alright, Just the two of us, Use me up, never been to spain, standing on shaky ground, higher ground,
two steps from the blues, the way you do the things you do, how special you are