Sonny Legaspi

Sonny Legaspi


Sonny Legaspi is an American singer/songwriter who's mix of vocals and guitars, combined with soul, r&b, bossa nova, and flamenco from legends such as George Michael, John Denver, Tony Bennett, and Sade, have created a music unclassifiable, and yet unforgettable by all. Welcome to the music.


Sonny Legaspi (born Gerald Raymond Legaspi) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, executive producer, and business mogul. Anointed since infancy, Sonny grew up in a family with an ear for soul. Born to parents hooked on Johnny Mathis and the Carpenters, Sonny was spoon fed the MTV/YouTube lifestyle before they were even born. Wanting to be that "guy" popularized in videos, he started writing at the age of 9 with a tape recorder. Without structure, without explanation, what started as sounds and feelings evolved into deep soul. As an alchemist searches for the formula to convert lead into gold, Sonny searches for the moments of happiness that take our breath away. Not just to re-live the moment, but to share with the world that nothing is more beautiful than hearing the sound of light.

Strengthened by the passion of a flamenco guitar, the nomadic nature of gitanas (gypsies), the desire of angels, and the rhythm of waves comes a unique sound. Part soul, part adult contemporary, part emotions, part suffering, part bliss. This is music destined for greatness. For ears hungry for soul food.

Influenced by greats such Michael Jackson, George Michael, John Denver, Tony Bennett, Sade, Culture Club, the Eagles and Earth, Wind and Fire, Sonny always remains two steps ahead of his peers. Mixing his vision of the future wih reflections on his own past, Sonny invites us to travel with him in the only journey that matters. The journey into ourselves. To see who we are. To see our souls. To feel. To love. For at the end of the day, his music carries one message, and one message alone. That we are all here for two reasons: to love and be loved.


Blended Soul - 2004

Set List

This is a set list for a 40 min acoustic set:

My Flower
About Last Night
I Hope
Umbrella in the Rain
Simple Pleasures
Lovers or Friends
Sound of Rain