New York City, New York, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

Sonnymoon is made up of Dane Orr (Producer) and Anna Wise (Vocals), both out of Boston, MA. They independently released their debut record in 2010 called Golden Age that hit hard throughout the internet airwaves. They recently signed to Plug Research and will be releasing their new record in 2011.


Dane Orr and Anna Wise are Sonnymoon, a pair of intergalactic musicians based out of Boston. Both grew up with music, Dane on the saxophone and Anna singing, which led them to the prestigious Berklee College of Music. That’s where they met and soon began to experiment with Anna’s dreamy jazz-inspired vocals over Dane’s nascent electronic compositions. They released Golden Age for free in December 2009 and soon found their music proliferated over various music blogs and even in the playlists of influential radio stations like L.A.’s KCRW.

Having been compared to a chemistry experiment gone awry, their music combines a collage of influences to create something starkly original. The music has a spirited flare of originality while joining the likes of Little Dragon, Flying Lotus, and other modern progressive artists.

Do yourself a favor and take a trip to Sonnymoon before it gets too crowded.

Management/ Booking: Meghan Stabile
Label: Plug Research


Golden Age - LP
by Sonnymoon
Run Away 03:19
Golden Age 05:23
Gills Or Wings 03:46
Interlude 02:34
Nursery Boys 04:04
Bungee 03:16
Soular 03:03
Soft Shoulders 04:43
Things To Come 07:29

Blast Off - Single
Dr. Doctor - Single