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The best kept secret in music


"Hypnotic show is a hit"

By Stacey Tucker (Contact / Staff Bio)
January 26, 2008 - 12:00 a.m. EST

CASS CITY — Members of the audience at a hypnotist’s show were literally stuck to the edge of their seats Jan. 18.

Hypnotist Sonny Nardone entertained the community Friday at the Cass City Middle School, making his volunteers laugh, cry and laugh some more.

“At the end of the show, two boys were stuck to their chairs,” said Lisa Laventure, a math teacher at Cass City Middle School. “Sonny asked one why he didn’t go sit in the audience and he said ‘wish I could.’

“It was hilarious.”

Nardone, a graduate of the Ronning Modern Hypnosis School, is a certified hypnotherapist. He has entertained and helped cure people of near- lifelong phobias.

“The state of hypnosis releases our hidden talents and abilities; during the show we focus on the fun and laughter,” Nardone said.

Laventure said the school was looking for a way for the students to raise money for field trips and came across Nardone.

“For (it being) the first time, we’re very happy with it,” Laventure said. “We feel better about this than we feel about selling products.

“The kids are eager to go again.”

Nardone said many people who are nervous about coming up on stage regret not giving it a try.

“After the show is over, people often say that they wish they had volunteered to come up on stage,” he said. “They say how much fun it is and realize I’m not going to make them cluck like a chicken or anything like that, which I know disappoints a few people.”

Laventure said she has gotten a lot of great feedback from the event, from old and young.

“On Monday, all the kids who were hypnotized couldn’t stop talking about it,” Laventure said. “Some of them were kind of sketchy on what happened.”

Laventure said the school hopes to hold an event like this every other year, or maybe even every year.

Stacey Tucker is a staff writer for the Tuscola County Advertiser. She can be reached at - Tuscola Today

"Mind Games"

Comedy Spot Hypnotist Sonny Nardone can put a Spell on You

written by
Meredith Stanton
Too many misconceptions are out there about hypnotism. Some people are afraid of being brainwashed, others believe that they’ll never snap out of the trance and remain hypnotized for life.

But during his “Get Hyp” shows at Arlington’s Comedy Spot, certified hypnotist Sonny Nardone assures his audience members that neither of these will happen on his watch. Instead, Sonny prefers to keep everything PG-rated.

“It’s a show you can take anybody to, even your mother,” he said. “There are plenty of funny things you can do with hypnosis without turning it into a Vegas act.”

That’s not to say that you’ll be completely off the hook while under Sonny’s hypnotic spell. You might think you’re driving a fast car, that you have suddenly morphed into a superhero or that you have the slick moves of Austin Powers—all with your friends and family laughing hysterically.

But, what’s it really like to be hypnotized? As Sonny said, “It’s sort of like missing exits on the road and not remembering you passed them. Or it’s the state of mind right before you fall asleep and you think about things that don’t make sense.”

To be completely hypnotized, volunteers must become completely relaxed and follow along with Sonny’s directions.

“I relax them to a point until their conscious mind sees no reason to be around anymore,” he said. Then, it becomes a juggling act between not being too asleep and too awake. Sonny warns it is possible to become too relaxed though, but he makes sure no one goes as far as falling out of his or her chair.

Think you can “beat” the hypnotist? Be forewarned—everyone is capable of being hypnotized, says Sonny. It just depends on how far you’re willing to let yourself sink into unconsciousness.

“You know, everyone goes into a hypnotic state from time to time on their own, like when you fall asleep at your desk but are still awake enough to talk. But most people want to prove that they can’t be hypnotized on stage,” says Sonny, who will also start performing at the Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse Wednesday nights starting next month.

And if you’re faking or it just doesn’t work for any reason, Sonny will know. After working in security details for several years, Sonny has a knack for pointing out the otherwise hard to see.

Out of that interest and the idea to use his hypnosis work in academics, helping children learn and retain more information, Sonny began studying under Geoffrey Ronning, a full-time stage hypnotist who trains in Las Vegas. Ronning showed Sonny the basics and he has been hooked with the field ever since.

“I saw it presented, and fell in love,” Sonny says. “It is so much fun to do, and everyone has so much fun participating.”
Aside from his weekly Thursday night show at the Comedy Spot, Sonny has worked on several other hypnosis projects, including a book that teaches parents how to use a form of hypnosis on children to change unwanted behavior. He also travels the country appearing for parties and radio spots.

Sonny, also a licensed hypno-therapist, often uses visualization techniques as a way to help clients overcome phobias ranging from claustrophobia and general anxiety to a fear of clowns or the dark. “Using visualization, you can get the brain to react and change behaviors,” he says.

In the meantime, Sonny hones his skills at home through “conversational hypnosis,” where a person can be hypnotized through normal conversation and not realize it. “My wife hates that,” says Sonny.

Even if you are a bit wary of hypnosis at first, Sonny encourages you to volunteer during his show. “It’s the best form of relaxation out there,” he says. “You get into the groove, and you don’t realize how the time goes by so fast.”

Not convinced? Need to see it to believe it? Then start by closing your eyes…

Catch Sonny Nardone at the Comedy Spot (Ballston Common Mall, 4238 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va.) every Thursday night. Tickets are $12 and are available at
- On Tap Magazine

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"A New Dangerous Wave of Card Counters Invades the Vegas Black Jack Scene"

A New Dangerous Wave of Card Counters Invades the Vegas Black Jack Scene

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Trained in Las Vegas as a stage hypnotist, Sonny also became certified as a hypnotherapist from The International Hypnosis Association and The National Guild of Hypnotists. Sonny currently provides entertainment for corporations and students across the united states. Currently Sonny is leading the way with unique success enhancement programs for corporate America and educational enhancement programs for campuses.