Sonny Ray Ramos

Sonny Ray Ramos


Acoustic Rock with a Flamenco flare.


I'm a well traveled "Army Brat" son of Texans, born in Stuttgart Germany. I'm a professional illustrator for 21 years specializing in murals, see my portfolio at ( I was in Heavy Metal band for years called Das Rhein (born near there hence the name) that had many rave reviews from the East Coast to Europe. In 1996 I stopped performing to pursue my art career and raise my son. I'm self taught in art and music and play pickless. My Native American and Spanish roots influence my creativity and technique. I've rebooted my music career and have longed to write and perform again and passed that love onto my 13yr old son Dakota Sky, who I've taught and perform with occasionally. Thank God


Mother Mary

Written By: Sonny Ray Ramos

Mother Mary lost her son to a Roman spear and Pilates downward thumb,

Mother Mary lost her son to a snipers gun a Presidential son,

Mother mary lost her son to a child's gun in crumbling Siagon,

Mother Mary not another one
a music man a junky setting sun,

And I see Cowboys and Indians loading his father's, father's, father's favorite gun,

And I see Cowboys and Indians
shooting his needle to drown out the song of his gun,

And I see Cowboys and Indians
he falls from his horse turns to earth from another man's gun,

And I see Cowboys and Indians
his spirit flys the arrow beat him to the draw of his gun,

And I taste Mary's words of wisdom
we eat and drink and remember the coming son,

And I feel Mary's words of wisdom
her face warms my heart like that shot from your cold steel gun,

And I see Mary's words of wisdom
a rose on my chest Mary's words written on my tombstone,

And I hear Mary's words of wisdom
"you are my last son please bury your daddy's gun,

Mother Mary lost her son,
Mother Mary loves her sons,
Mother Mary saved her son
when she buried his daddy's gun

Henry Redtail

Written By: Sonny Ray Ramos

A Chippewa warrior with a whiteboy's name, Henry Redtail's sun set today,

A coward's bullet made sure of that, summer days over eyes painted black.

I saw the red leafs do a wardance today, the wind was brisk and your eyes a beautiful grey,
In my dreams we did the wardance today, but dying in your arms is where I lay.

A golden hair lady took his Chippewa name , Henry's Angel washed his blood-soaked mane.

Warparty on the run she took her aim, with Henry's arrow Revenge was her name.

[repeat, end with] dying Buffalo here we lay.

A Chippewa warrior with a whiteboy's name, a golden hair angel took his Chippewa name.

Warparty ran to the sun they took their aim, like Henry's arrow she was the Game.

[repeat,end with]
.....under a blanket of snow forever we'll lay.



Set List

All originals up to 2 ,45 minute sets