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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Rock Indie




"Son of 1000 Album launch review"

"Eventually at around 9pm a video starts on the big screens around the stage… Allowing the band to creep on the stage and start playing the same song live as the attention turns to the band on the stage... The song in question is a killer song called “Tricky”, this is it... The band is on and already has a rocking presence and we not even half way through the first song… Son of 1000 are rocking each song and seem to be enjoying themselves also... Interacting with crowd and making sure everyone is having a good time...they go into a song called Velvet which is a great song in itself and I remember it being one of my faves the last time I heard it at the peak show a few months back... But what made this song even better on this particular night, half way through the song a pole dancer got on stage and started doing a sexy little number on the pole much to the delight of the men in the crowed. As the night went on I am in awe on how good this band sounds live…" - Fan Base Music Magazine

"People Magazine - Son of 1000"

Now here's a South African band worth watching. And a South African band with real talent.... The music is vibrant, different, arty, soulful and utterly gorgeos. Highly recommended. - People Magazine

"Obrigado Calendar"

There eclecticism you won't hear in many bands. Anyone who's heard their dynamic fusion of rock, will know that the Argentinean ex-model is definitely more than just a pretty pin-up. - Miles Keylock

"Dossier Magazine - SOn of 1000"

Serendipitously, whenever one is tempted to think the South African rock scene may be at risk of reaching a creative flat spot, a brave, new band enters the limelight with a remarkable album of original songs. - Dossier Magazine

"One Small Seed"

Federico: When I embark on a project that makes me feel complete, I don't speculate if it will be viable or how much money I can make doing it. I get into the project because I love music... I was born to make music and music is what I do best. - Roger Young

"Libidinous leap"

A large part of the appeal of Son Of 1000’s genre-mixing, guitar-led pop-rock is its sexiness – a facet easy to sense when the four-piece is playing, and something the band highlights as part of its general marketing. - BRUCE DENNILL

"Joburg Style - I'm with the band"

Their sound is a new avenue of alternative rock called "Velvet Rock" that is reminicent of Queens of the stone age, White stripes with Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin textures. Described as a raw, edgy, and sometimes dark with emotions raging from childish abandon, lust, twisted love and pure, sexy, dirty rock n' roll. - Joburg Style

"Album Launch - Son of 1000"

The rain was a blessing from above, settling all the dust with the coming of spring. Everything seemed clean, quiet and peaceful. As we were getting done to be off to Tanz Cafe, we stressed about and getting there early!

Well we got there with time to spare! Catching some rehearsal time too, the band was so chilled, and welcoming. Already their atmosphere on stage was uplifting. After they got everything perfectly the way they wanted, they left the stage and the anticipation begun. Apart from the background music being played and the whispers of people as they started piling in, I kept checking my watch, thinking they need to perform now, I could hardly wait, and then…

It. Was. Time.

The band sneaked onto stage, while their intriguing music video played on the TV sets, transcending into the live play of the song! There was nothing like it! Feeling the beat throughout my entire body was an out-of-body-experience !

The one thing I couldn’t help but notice was how each member of the band was undoubtedly taken in by their respective art. I am a complete sucker for guitars; I just love everything about them! Federico is legendary! He is a masterful guitarist! Expressing the chills one gets with his inspiring performance is hardly enough in words. Not sure how many people notice how with every note he plays; he has a different facial expression. It was like he wasn’t even present! The music holistically captures him when he plays!

I think the only way somebody can even begin to understand music is to feel it, but to express it, is truly a form of art!

Dave didn’t miss a beat! I couldn’t sit still! It was like watching a Japanese karate movie, where your muscles just tense up and you air-punch without thinking…it’s like your body just moves!

Shaun’s voice is just the perfect combination, of deep soulful lows and the edge of pure rock! I kept thinking, I should learn the words and sing along to every song, not just my favourite parts!

The performance in a whole was definitely one to remember! It is truly fantastic how music takes you on a journey, and how each song moves you to a different place in your mind.

All that, and a bag of chips! Well, minus the chips…

The album launch of Son Of a 1000, to me, took South African music to a whole new level! Yet the best part of the band is how humble and sincere each of them are. They are true artists that yearn for the passion in music they have, to be expressed on others, and not for the fame! It must be so difficult to be so fantastic at something and not feel boastful, yet they make it seem so easy! One of the most sensational performances I’ve been to. - Tazz Adams

"Son of a 1000 Makes Music…with their Eyes Closed!"

Federico, Shaun and Dave are at it again! And, hopefully, they’ll keep at it for a 1000 years more! Rock band Son of 1OOO’s brand new album ‘To jump with eyes closed’ is here!! - Celebrity SA

"Gig review - Son of 1000 Peepshow"

The band has a new basist who goes by the name of Johan Van der Vyver who really brings some great bass lines to the new tracks. David Munn on drums is such an awesome performer and was amazing to watch, as always, and he is the driving force in a lot of the songs. Lead singer Shaun Parsons vocals are perfect and never out of tune, really leading each song brilliantly as you get lost in the lyrics. Federico Fernandez, who is a guitar legend and fun to watch, his performance was on full form for this gig, hitting each note and solo brilliantly and never missing a beat. Federico Fernandez is responsible for all the music on the new album "To jump with eyes closed". Showing off his many talents. - Duwyne Clayton for Fanbase Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



"SON OF 1OOO is a band based in Johannesburg, South Africa, comprising of Federico Fernandez (Guitar), Shaun "Soulo" Parsons (vox), Woody Swart (Bass) and Josh Roscoe (Drums).

Although each member has a unique taste in music, a common love for classic blues artists such as Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin reflect in the band's music and sound. With each and every album, SON OF 1OOO seeks to innovate and push the boundaries, creating a unique listening experience.
SON OF 1OOO motto: “There are no boundaries in music; why should this band have any?”

With a passion for live performance, the band delivers a powerful show, whether to small clubs or festivals. A gruelling practice schedule and a relentless pursuit of perfection show in each and every live performance.

Their upcoming album, ROCKETFINGERKNUCKLEPUNCH, highlights each member's individuality, and a distinct sense of the band throwing out preconceptions and modern music clichés. The result is an undefinable, often unpredictable symphony of sound, created by four highly different individuals coming together as one.

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Management: Natalia Kostanova +27 84 22 33 103

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