Son Of Sea

Son Of Sea

 London, England, GBR

Formerly known as The Westminsters, Son Of Sea is a one-man-band recording project producing lush, layered alt-pop tunes. His current project, an incremental album entitled Things From The Dreaded Green Bag, sees Son Of Sea exploring a combination of film and music.


Chapter One – Son Of Sea's Dreaded Green Bag

What is a dreaded green bag? Is it actually dreadful, does it possess the capability of being dreaded? Is it really green, or is it even a bag? Does it even matter? For Son Of Sea's purposes, it could have been anything, but the green bag was chosen, and it's not actually very frightening or capable of being dreaded. It's really just Son Of Sea's latest undertaking – an album of songs and film (otherwise known as music videos). Confused? Read on...

It all began during one of those "what to do next?" moments in July of 2009, when it suddenly seemed that recording a single song and making a video for it seemed the best course of action at that particular point in time and space. But everyone does that! So why not complete the video bit first, and then only once that's done, write the song? And with that concept in place, the process of writing a three-minute short film began, Ebay was scoured for a few choice Super 8 cameras (what else would anyone in their right mind use to make a film other than a 1970s film camera?) and thus began this vaguely trial-and-error project.

Well, not even a single roll of film had been shot before it began to seem like a good idea to make more than just one of these films. Why not make ten of them? An album where every single song has a video to go with it. It could either be listened to or watched like some kind of disjointed movie. So began more writing, writing, writing. Music was forgotten for the moment. Meanwhile, the shooting of the original video was completed and instruments sold to finance the necessary video editing gear. Songwriting once again resumed. By this time 2010 was already in full swing and only two videos had actually been shot. The realisation set in that the Dreaded Green Bag was going to take a long time.

So now, with the aid of a website (, Things From The Dreaded Green Bag can be a living breathing thing before it has even been completed. So, watch this space, as they say, because periodically Martin will post the latest completed videos from Things From The Dreaded Green Bag. Maybe just the good ones. No... maybe only the mediocre ones so there is still an element of surprise when the time comes to listen/watch the whole … erm, bag.

Oh and before I forget... who is this Son Of Sea character? What can I tell you... he's a young chap called Martin who lives in Brisbane, Australia and makes music out of his home-garage-studio (mostly his own, but he does it for other people too). He has a significant interest in the technology of decades past, such as old cameras – hence the reason the Dreaded Green Bag is being filmed that way. He usually ends up playing most of the instruments on his recordings because he doesn't like to bother other people too much, but sometimes others do generously lend their skills to his projects. He is always very grateful when this happens.

— Some bloke (2010)


Squeezed Beyond

Written By: Martin MacDonald

I feel assured that I've hidden myself from view
Effectively enough 'till this war has burned its self out and stopped
So I'll stand here and stare at the thing that stopped me in my tracks and made me turn my back
On you

I'll understand if you never see through my plan
To devise an escape for us before our time has gone and run its course
Just like it did the last time
Just like it did the time before
When you stole my mind

I feel misused like a bottle squeezed beyond everything it's used to
And inside the contents grows so thin, just like on the outside
But I live to fall - you know that just as well as I do
But above all, nothing matters 'cos you're not here anyway

A Man With No Tea In Him

Written By: Martin MacDonald

Empty pages in an open book speak loudly and more clearly than the words themselves
That just turn and crawl right back to whence they came
The arrested words then hover still, fall suddenly, rejected, till withdrawn from view
It's time that keeps your soul from growing thin

It's easy to break from the chain
That locks away the mind some of the time

A carving on a mantelpiece is nothing but a photograph strung out to dry
All the blades and strokes that etched a well in time
And the busy hands that wielded them all hastily forgotten as they fall behind
Their names are now a tiny scribbled line

Come quickly while the fruit is ripe
Come quickly 'fore the precious water dries

Generations sat peering through volumes of deciphered verse without a clue
To the errors that no spy-glasses could find
From the running feet the floor wears thin, from the air outside the walls cave in
There's silence and nobody has a pin

The withered, learned, hide themselves
And no one like me ever would they tell

We Should Be Giants

Written By: Martin MacDonald

They've got to get there, they've got ninety miles of sea
And it's a problem that none of them can swim
They've got to think up some brightly coloured plan
With which to dazzle the hard of understanding
Hallelujah, the wheels are wearing thing
The scales are sliding while they break their engines in
They're good together like a spider and its orb
We can't determine which made the other first

We should be giants because it all makes so much more sense from the air
We should be giants cos when we're down here we can't see enough to care

We like the landscape at this burnt-down desert's door
We like the sound of whatever came before
The line's descending and the rest is deeply flawed
Until tomorrow, when we'll want it all the more
We're always building something new to stand upon
To address the masses... "we're always right, you're always wrong"

We should be giants because it all makes so much more sense from the air
We should be giants cos when we're down here we can't see enough to care

Thought it was simple cos I'd heard it all before
I was mistaken so I found their leader's door
I knocked for three days - yes, persistence is the key
I was admitted, I said what I had come to say
And to her credit she took my words away
And sifted through them, many hours did I wait
The air did rattle for a moment them was gone
She looked right at me... "we're always right, you're always wrong"


Things From The Dreaded Green Bag [incremental LP, 2010]
Worms [LP, 2008]
The Westminsters EP [EP as 'The Westminsters', 2008]
Some Reasonable Fiction [EP as "The Westminsters", 2008]

Set List

A typical set from Son Of Sea is a mixture of currently recorded material (see the music section of this EPK) with a few new tunes thrown in and, from time to time, a fitting cover.