son of the velvet rat

son of the velvet rat


"Son Of The Velvet Rat carries on the tradition of Leonard Cohen as filtered through the modern sensibilities of Tindersticks' Stuart Staples" (, December 2003)


SON OF THE VELVET RAT is the solo project of the Austrian-based singer/songwriter Georg Altziebler . Formed in 2000 (together with Robert Kres on violin and harmonium) as an experimental reaction to the predominance of angst-ridden testosterone rock, Son of the Velvet Rat essentially filters the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake through the pop songcraft and the aesthetics of 60-bpm, lo-fi indie rock.
"BY MY SIDE", the first full-length release, features minimalist songs layered with brooding vocals, melancholic orchestrations and poetic lyrics that are laced with recurring themes of alienation and loneliness. The singing was done mostly on a small Fender tube amp and the distance this produced made room for atmospheric depth of field.The instrumentation recalls crossover Country artists like Townes van Zandt and Tim Hardin but the use of the melodica and harmonica also evoke chansons of the ‘50s. Diverse mini-organs and E-bow add a certain lushness to the sound.


Are The Angels Pretty?

Written By: Georg Altziebler

Are the angels pretty?

Did you know where you were going
Can you see where you are
Is it really a cool place to be
Is it like you expected it to be
& are the angels pretty?

Did you meet somebody
You have not seen in a while
Send a letter if you can & let me know
Did you keep your secrets
Or leave them at the door
& are the angels pretty?

How pretty are they?
Are they prettier than pretty?
So pretty that it hurts
& makes you close your eyes
Or just good looking?

Did you have to tell them
Or did they know everything
The black you spread
& could not wipe away
The kiss you did not give
The word you did not say
& are the angels pretty?

I Am A Jet Pilot

Written By: Georg Altziebler

I am a jet pilot

On my way up I see
Planes tumbling down
Sinking into the clouds
Without making a sound
I wonder why & as I look around
I'm all alone

But I'm a jet pilot
I listen to the sound of my engine
& not to song of the siren
I'm a jet pilot
I listen to the voice from the tower
& not to the voice in my head

This aircraft has eyes like open doors
People have faces that I should ignore
They keep creeping in -
Got to close these doors
Got to keep control

Sometimes it feels like nothing holds me
A puppet on an broken string
Feel like floating out into open space
Feel so free it makes me sing
On my way down I hear my own voice call
It calls my name
But it can't stop the fall
There is no end to that fall
There is no ground

Ready To Go

Written By: Georg Altziebler

Ready to go

I'm ready to go - I'm not
Waiting for someone to say
Stay you could make me sad
Cause everybody's sad these days

I'm ready to ask for you
If I could speak I'd say
Stay you could make me sad
&everybody's sad these days

Are you sad - no not us
We are just confused by love

The cars go so fast & the planes
Crossing the sky going somewhere
I'm ready to go anywhere


Playground, 2006
Alphasuite, 2004
By My Side, 2003
Spare Some Sugar For The Rat (EP), 2003