Son of the velvet rat

Son of the velvet rat


'Heartbreakingly beautiful,slow, minimal folk.Think Will Oldham, mellow tracks Iron and Wine,quiet Sun Kil Moon,but even more low key.Pretty,meditative,slow,stripped down,slightly distorted,and with lots of acoustic guitar picking and haunting harmonium sound'.(Mor,KZSURadio,Stanford/CA,June04)


Son of the Velvet Rat
is the solo project of Georg Altziebler, formerly the songwriter, guitarist, etc. of Pure Laine (1989-1995) and Bloom 05 (1995-2003). Son of the Velvet Rat is an omnibus designation for the artist's solo work (vocals and guitar) and performances with backup band accompaniment (piano, bass, drums, vocals and guitar).

A good song is a secret, something that distresses and delights in equal measure. Either way-"Playground" is SotVR's most accessible effort to date. 14 songs, open and complexly multi-layered at the same time; different takes on this singular moment of clarity that ultimately remains an illusion; phrased in a language that excises the extraneous and goes for the heart.
The instrumentation is sparing: piano, electric guitar, minimalist percussion plus violin & accordion punctuation that engender intimate tonal imagery. Several cuts were recorded live at Cafe l'angolo in Graz, Austria; the rest in the studio. "Playground" stakes all it's got on fervent, heartfelt interpretation and the magic of the musicians' spontaneous collaboration. The result is an album you can get lost in if you want to, and one in which you can rediscover something if that's what you need.

"By my Side" is SotVR's first full-length CD, a compilation of spontaneous takes on very personal songs and their momentary significance. For the most part, the vocals were done on a small Fender vacuum-tube amp. The resulting distance creates a dimension for atmospheric depth-of-field. On one hand, the instrumentation is suggestive of the work of country-crossover artists like Townes van Zandt and Tim Hardin; then again, the use of melodica and harmonica also gives rise to associations with the '50s chanson. Various mini-organs and an electric bow endow the sound with a somewhat plush texture. The songs tell tales of alienation and estrangement, distance and closeness, love and its absence, in a clear, reduced language that pierces to the core. The world might seem dark and dismal at times but the night sky is sometimes aglitter with stars.


Are the angels pretty

Written By: G. Altziebler

Did you know where you were going
Can you see where you are
Is it really a cool place to be
Is it like you expected it to be
& are the angels pretty?

Did you meet somebody
You have not seen in a while
Send a letter if you can & let me know
Did you keep your secrets
Or leave them at the door
& are the angels pretty?

How pretty are they?
Are they prettier than pretty?
So pretty that it hurts
& makes you close your eyes
Or just good looking?

Did you have to tell them
Or did they know everything
The black you spread
& could not wipe away
The kiss you did not give
The word you did not say
& are the angels pretty?

Everything's calm (but my heart)

Written By: G. Altziebler

My weakness is a flag
I wave it to impress you
Your kindness is a tool
Use it if you have to
But please accept excuses
As long as they sound true
Everything's calm but my heart

When I wrote down my wishes
There was something I forgot
There's something that you mean to me
But I just don't know what
& everything depends upon
Whether you are here or not
Everything's calm but my heart

Here's to the one I'm looking for
As I stare into her eyes
I see her staring back at me
She smiles & so do I
Cause we both tend to see a bit
Of truth in every lie
Everything's calm but my heart

Sleeping Stars

Written By: G. Altziebler

The sun shows the lines on your face
& delicate traces of doubt
The delicate traces of trouble
Love doesn't come without

Let's do like the sleeping stars
& not waste our lights
Up in the blue skies
But wait for the night
Wait for the night to shine

You keep asking me questions
& I don't know what to say
Give me some time to get over
The life I gave away
Give me some time to accept that
Yesterday's ghosts are dead
I promise I'll gladly forget them
When I can have you instead


Son of the velvet rat:
Playground 2006 (monkey./universal)
Alpha Suite 2004 (starfish/ixthuluh)
By my Side 2003 (starfish/ixthuluh)
Spare some Sugar [for the Rat] 2003 (starfish/ixthuluh)
Bloom 05:
2002 "TIME WAITS…"
1996 "SLOW STAR"
Pure Laine:
1993 "4 more"
1991 "BURN"

"i am a jet pilot":WPRK, Orlando,FL
"blue hair":WUOG, Athens , Georgia
"are the angels pretty?":WRFL, Lexington, Ky
and many others

Set List

Phantom Song
Death is a warm glove
Sweetest Smile
Ghost note
How can I make her s´mile again
Ready to go
The sea so blue
Everythings calm but my heart
Trust the Tide
Hotel song
Jet pilot
Are the angels pretty?
Cold Spring
Sleeping stars

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