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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Hip Hop


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"Music, Life & the Son of Zaire"

Music, Life & the Son of Zaire
By Irene Mugarisanwa & Tendai Madawo

Born Kamanda Nyomba in Kinshasa the capital of Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, the third largest country by area on the African continent, bordering the Central African Republic and Sudan on the north, Son of Zaire is a man commanding his life to his dreams. They are dreams being an immense producer, spitting rhymes with substance, breaking into acting and abiding to be a great Dad to his son.

This articulate young man’s high speed chases of dreams are not going in vain. At the present moment he is awaiting the release of his most anticipated album in the fall “SIGNS OF THINGS TO COME” is an album that’s Son of Zaire has been working on 21/2 years. He wants the music to be true to his life experiences. It is this quiet devotion to be true which makes this album a life long project now. “I have been into music ever since I can remember”. It’s in his blood. He remembers about crashing his mothers tape and recording mix tapes when he was a little boy. Son of Zaire comes from a rich musical background with his parents being great lovers of music. His musical influences ranging from “Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel to South African Rock because he was introduced to different kinds of music and cultures.

The upcoming album is a “serious album”. Hip-hop has sometimes been termed as genre that is destroying culture in terms of people feeling the need to have street credit, by hassling, jail time, and drugs as some of the prerequisite of having “street cred”. It is music birthed out of poverty and struggles like Africa. Here is a man putting his abilities to rhyme and his life struggles in a positive direction letting people know that they are not alone in their day to day struggles. His music is a healer as well as a mood breaker. The album speaks of war, death, friends in jail, gun violence, everyday life troubles as well as his personal life. He shared with us that he fathered a child at a young age and turned that situation into a learning experience to make him a better man and father to his 10 year old son.

Yes, he is Father to a ten year old son, named Nashiem whom he spoke of with a great deal of love, respect and admiration. He talked about how wise he is.” He is no regular ten year old. He has an idea of what he wants to do with his life and already questions life issues, challenges and choices that we as human make. Like why women constantly undermine themselves. He is a mature young man and is able to detect right from wrong. He is also showing interest in music and I can tell he is going to be good at it”. As we celebrate fathers day this June we wanted to know what lessons Son of Zaire had learned from his father and what he is passing along to his son. To this he said, “My father has always been a hard working man, even from the villages of Congo where he was noticed by a generous white man who took him under his wing. He has showed nothing but the very best of him to his wife of over 30 years and 4 children. I RAISE the cup to my father. I learn so much from him “.

Son of Zaire left DRC at the age five and moved around the world, with life taking him through the USA, Middle East, Europe and Canada where he currently resides. He is unable to frequently to visit home because of civil unrest but carries the country in his heart. He wants to do more for the children of Africa, together with other African artists. He is working towards setting up ways to help the children of the continent and find ways to combat all its difficulties
As a rapper from an African decent he admits that has not hindered him in any way. He said most people are shocked that he is from Africa hence the name to prove that he is and most definitely proud. He has not been shunned upon or looked down on. He talked about the great support he has received. He is handling the bulk of the production on the album” I produced 80%”.Being a producer is his great passion. He is planning on relocating to LA so that he can go to an music school to sharpen his engineering skills. The album is a learning process for him so people can know who he is and in turn contribute to the world by understanding his artists as a producer. Together with his brother, Musashi Beats they have started Blacksteel Recording where they hope to do justice to their artist’s words. Son of Zaire is looking forward to developing that side of him and concentrate on the business. Upon asking him on who writes his music, to this he said” I don’t use any ghost writers I feel the need to tell my own story. My brother produced a song on the album Hell Razah is one of the rappers featured on the album and Poor Men Militia is another group of 7-8 guys, talented beings that helped complete the making of “Signs Of Things To Come”, a tour is in the works and will be scheduled soon after the release of the album”. Every rapper is an actor at some level, and Son of Zaire is no exception. He hopes to add acting to his résumé when he moves to LA.

Like every man needs to fine tune his craft, Son of Zaire is working hard towards that goal of excellence. His will is stronger than the skill and with that at his heart nothing is and can stand before him and his dreams. He is ready and looking forward to working with hip-hop and R&B artists. He has a few artists he is working with and is hoping to add more to those names and help some passionate people release their dreams by creating, shaping and moulding a piece of music in accordance with their vision for the album. Maybe we are looking at our very own Timbaland or Dr Dre or maybe even more… After all he is a child born out Congo, a country that has suffered the devastating effects of civil unrest, politics, famine and war, and still has managed to produce some of the best music on the African continent the likes of Papa Wemba against all odds. We don’t know yet but we suggest you stay tuned and see what this Child of Africa –SON OF ZAIRE has in store.

If you are an artist and interested in working with Son of Zaire as a producer or maybe want him to drop a few rhymes on your current works, you can reach him through his myspace page at

You can also hear snippets of his album which we can only sum up as HOT!!!!
Keep checking page or the magazine for release date of the album tour dates.

Thank you for your time Son of Zaire---a hip hop purist at heart.
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-2009 Signs of things to come (Full length album) to be released soon.



Born in Kinshasa, D.R.C (formally known as Zaire) the same year Mohammed Ali fought George Foreman in what was called "the rumble in the jungle", Son of Zaire is a lyricist and producer who is set to make waves across North America and beyond with the upcoming release of his debut album “Signs of things to come.”

The album, due to be released this year, encompasses just a portion of his life experiences. As a quiet child, he absorbed a lot from his travels and surroundings. Based upon that, he was and still is able to relate and identify with people of all walks of life. He casually states, “’Signs of things to come’ is not aimed at a specific group. It is an album which conveys feelings that everybody can relate to. This album is definitely for the people.”

“Signs of things to come” is a lyrically driven album which features Wu Tang Clan affiliate Hell Razah as well as others.

2009 is bound to be a busy year for the African born lyricist as he is preparing to embark on a promotional tour in support of his debut release.