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Craig Cortello

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Jazz standards and a variety of crossover material influenced by jazz, pop, folk, and the blues.


Spirit Of New Orleans Music Alliance (SONOMA)


All songs posted here by Craig Cortello (ASCAP)
La Dolce Vita Publishing Co. (ASCAP)


City Soldier

Written By: Craig M. Cortello

Verse 1:
They muddle through these busy streets with their backs up against the wall

Some of the folks will laugh at them and some won't look at all

Ev'ry line on their withered faces tells a story, how the times are hard

But they gather every morning by the dozens along the boulevard

Young lady can he play a song for you, young man can he shine your shoes

Theres a heart-felt reality in his voice when he plays guitar and sings the blues

With a touch of condescension, they say man that's really quite a show

But he's got more dignity than these passers-by in their fancy suits will ever know

Chorus 1:
Pouring their hearts out on these sidewalks everyday,

City Soldier, sing a song for me today
Sing a song for me today

Verse 2:
Young boy dancin' on the pavement near the local five and dime

His tap shoes are scuffed and dirty, he claps his hands to keep in time

They drop their quarters in his cardboard box from the corner grocery store

He's tired and sweaty, but he keeps on dancin', As the tourists scream for more
Yell and scream for more

There's a clown with a tattered costume roamin' through the square today

He never says a word, but he makes balloons for the children everyday

Its a long way from the big top, but he doesn't really seem to mind

The smiles on their little faces help him forget about those dreams he left behind

Chorus 2:
Pouring their hearts out on these sidewalks everyday,
City Soldier, can you make me smile today
Can you make me smile today

Verse 3:
One day they'll line these streets with high-rise buildings and neon signs

Without a trace of the fabric of a neighborhood left behind

But you cant build the heart and soul of a city with merely bricks and stone

And somewhere in the night a tired old man will sing the blues, but he'll sing alone
He'll sing the blues alone

For tonight the battle's over and the soldiers have all gone to bed

But their spirit stays and hovers on these streets where their hearts bled

You can hear their voices, you can see their smiles, and you know for sure one day

You'll shed a tear for yesteryear and the soldiers who have left us and gone away

Chorus 3:
Pouring their hearts out on these sidewalks everyday
City Soldier, don't you ever fade away
Don't you ever fade away
...fade away
...fade away

Color Me Blue

Written By: Craig M. Cortello

Color Me Blue (ASCAP)

Verse 1:
A wilted rose, A faded dress
Serving as keepsakes, of my loneliness

Into this drink, I've dropped a tear or two
Wondering how I'll get by without you

Verse 2:
A familiar song, slightly out of tune
Pieces of heaven in April, turnin' south in June

If you paint me a picture, make the colors sad but true

Color him gone, color me blue

Lost in love is such a sad affair
Should I have ever loved at all

Always the one to let my heart lead my head
No one to blame for the fall

Verse 3:
The sweetest kiss, or so it seems
Appearing nightly, here inside my dreams

Smiling through the sadness, to pretend I'm over you

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Break)

Verse 4:
A wilted rose, a faded dress
Reminders of my, distant happiness

Heartache is the only, friend I've known since you

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

It Came From You

Written By: Craig Cortello

(Verse 1A)
He likes my conversation, the funny way I talk
But he loves your smile and the way that you walk
Take him or leave him, but don’t break his heart
I’ve seen you build up men before then tear ‘em apart

(Verse 1B)
But he ain’t like the other guys that you’ve thrown away
Brilliant and funny in a peculiar way
I wrapped him a present signed ‘From you know who’
I guess I’ll just say that it came from you

(Verse 2A)
He says to me I’m perfect, but something’s amiss
A sense of emotion I don’t feel in his kiss
That look in his eye when you walk through the door
I’m clingin’ to a fairy tale of Happiness forevermore

I’m livin’ in his heart, but I know I can’t stay
Do I love him enough to simply walk away
A note with a kiss to pick him up when he’s blue
I guess I’ll just say that it came from you

Once I believed that the stars in the heavens
Held the key to every girls dream
Lovers and dreams like the stars fade away
‘Cause life ain’t always what it seems

(Verse 3)
If he asks about me, here’s what you say
Tell him tomorrow will bring another day
I found my independence by starting anew
I guess you could say that it came from you

(Vocal ad-lib)
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Verse 3)


New Orleans is the One I Love (coming spring '09)

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