Dynamic progressive rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.


What do you get when you put five talented musicians together with an average 19 years of individual playing/writing experience? Sonre. With it's classic rock roots and progressive writing style, Sonre has formulated a unique sound that is sure to quickly get industry attention.

With their first CD due out in late fall 2001, the band already has quite a following. Previews of their music has generated rave reviews from teenagers, the 30-something age group and older rockers that grew up listening to the Stones and Fleetwood Mac.

The modern rock sound and story-telling lyrics are most certainly future hits in the making. Sonre is a must-listen for anyone who loves pop/rock music.


Debute due late fall, 2001.

Set List

This Life Large
It's Real
Walk Away
Free Ride
All Over The World
(Too many covers to list)