Sons of Granville

Sons of Granville

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Sons of Granville combines the ferocious fingerstyle of Matthew Lennox, the crazy classical playing of Thomas Beckman and the blazing fast rhythms of Jarrett Plett to form a synergistic sound that is at once passionate, inspiring, soulful and beautiful. Sound as you've never heard it before, with influences from classical, rock, Spanish/gypsy, folk and Irish ballads, Sons of Granville is known for not only playing beautiful music but their expressive, high-energy performances in which they speak


Matthew and Thomas began their journey as humble buskers who sought to collaborate, with no real idea of where they were going or what they were aiming for. After their first busking session on June 9th, 2010, they both realized they had something special and they began to hone their sound. Coming from two separate backgrounds musically and personally has heightened, rather than weakened, their connections as musicians and as people and they count each other amongst their closest friends, as well as brothers in a musical sense. They hope to share that camaraderie with you! Feel the love.

Jarrett Plett, originally from Los Angeles, later joined the duo as a percussionist/drummer and Sons of Granville thus became a trio.
Since joining the Sons of Granville, Jarrett has been bringing his blazing fast rhythms to the tunes of the dueling viola/guitar on the familiar streets of Vancouver, a sold out show at the Backstage Lounge, and a handful of other venues where adoring fans have cheered the trio on through and through.