Northern Rock with a Southern Touch. If Refused, Glassjaw, Anberlin and Every Time I Die were stuck in the same van on a long road trip, this is the band they would be listening to.


Thunder Bay. It's isolated, cold and the youth are dwindling. In an aging town, with the demographic geared towards the Baby Boomers, it is not surprising that the youth find themselves with nothing to do. So they turn to the one thing that has always brought them comfort growing up... Music.

Sons&Lovers are a 6 piece hard rock band who have been perfecting their sound for 3 years now. Some say they sound like a Canadian made mix-up between the post-hardcore heavyweights Glassjaw and punishing rock and rollers Every Time I Die. Others say its more like a drunken fistfight between stoner rock vets Queens of the Stone Age and punk rock legends Refused.

This fall they entered the finals of Toronto's Indie Music Week and they placed high in the finals out of the 50 bands that were selected to compete. The band has embarked on 2 Mid-Canadian tours so far, have worked closely with Freedumb Records in Quebec and have recently been released on TEA South's 10th Compilation (

Sons&Lovers are releasing a Split E.P. with the Toronto band 'Dancing With Paris' and have just wrapped up a Canadian tour with the B.C. band KINCAIDE, who have toured cross-Canada 4 times.

They have opened for As I Lay Dying, Moneen, The End, Brazil, Ghosts of Modern Man, the Holly Springs Disaster, Straight Reads the Line, Dead & Divine, The Black Maria, the Gorgeous and many others.

Sons&Lovers is also actively involved in bringing the message and merchandise of Skate 4 Cancer, to help spread awareness about one of the most deadly and common diseases out there.

Their live shows cannot go unnoticed. Sons&Lovers ferociously hammer out massive rock epics, juxtaposed with soaring melodies and beautiful harmonies, all the while seeming hell bent on delivering the most intense live performance possible.

This is not a band who is content with resting on their laurels. Lead singer Josh Hogan outlines some of the bands plans for 2008: "We are currently writing the material that will be become our next EP. We are looking at some producers and trying to decide on who we want to work with and who will help us bring our sound to the next level. At the same time, we are making demos and looking at some Indie Labels to work with so that we can get some more support and open up a few new doors. Around February we might be hitting the road with a fantastic band that we were in the Toronto Indie Week finals with called Lifestory:Monologue, and after that we will release our new EP and tour Canada relentlessly. Also, there is some talk of heading over to Europe for a bit in the summer."? Indeed, Sons&Lovers are ready to give up all other parts of their lives to follow their music and see what heights it takes them to. Will you join them for the ride?


2006 Night Of The Long Knives (LP) has received extensive radio play on:
92.9 KICK FM (Winnipeg)
102.1 CILU (Thunder Bay)
90.3 CKUT (Montreal)
Soo Radio (Sault Ste. Marie)

2005 We See The Irretrievable Only...(EP)

Set List

I've Got Friends Like You
The Rancorus
It's Like A Suicide
The Devil, Himself
Lessons in Murder
Our Salads Are Fresher