Sonset Down

Sonset Down


Christian post hardcore from Keystone Heights, FL!


Christian post hardcore from Keystone Heights, FL! Forming in early 2003 under a different name and different lineup it seems Matt Stanland is the only original one left. Now accompanied by Matt Fidler, Robbie Carter, and Jordan Hoffman they have recorded an independent album and are now fixing to release an EP in March 2006! They have played with bands like Staple, The Wedding, Forever Changed, Chasing Victory, and many more!!


"King of the Hill Live EP"
May 2004

1. More Like You
2. Identity
3. Words in Red
4. Come Away
5. Peircing

"The Thin Lines of Life"
September 2005

1. Separate
2. Back Doors and Broken Hearts
3. Death to Self
4. Destruction of the Mediocre
5. Paradox Found
6. Seize the Moment
7. Lift
8. Overcoming the Weakness
9. Living in an Hourglass
10. The Vacancy That's Left

"The Sound of Silence EP"
March 2006

1. Bandage for a Bleeding Heart
2. The Captive
3. And the Lonely Will Linger On

Set List

Bandage for a Bleeding Heart
Death to Self
The Captive
And the Lonely will Linger On