sons of a HERO

sons of a HERO

 Cerritos, California, USA

We're just five ordinary guys doing EXTRAordinary things. We have tons of energy and we can't wait to bring it to whom ever is willing to hear it! The last piece to our puzzle has recently been added, and we're ready to unleash some havoc.


sons of a HERO consists of five members. David and Chris on guitars, Jeff on the drums, Carlos on the mic, and Troy playing the bass. Three of the guys, Dave, Jeff, and Chris, have been playing for about six years together now. SOAH later changed singers when they found Carlos. He hasn't disappointed anyone, whether live or recording. The most recent addition is Troy on the bass. He was the missing piece, holding down solid rhythm. The guys are always working hard at what they do and becoming tighter everyday.

As a band SOAH never really set a genre, they let their music make them. Heavily influenced by: The Devil Wears Prada, A Day to Remember, Blessthefall, August Burns Red, and Destroy the Runner. It's very unique, they have the metal punch with a "catchy" hook, drawing fans from all types of crowds.

SOAH has played many gigs in the past, many under the name Divided Souls. Yet none of what has been done in the past has clicked like it has now. Looking forward to the future, and excited for what is to come SOAH is PUMPED UP! Ready or not... Here we come!

"Will you burn? For honor, for shame? For everything you've loved? It's a sacrifice to end all mistakes!" -SOAH


Sons of a Hero EP (up on itunes) 2007
more to come VERY soon