Sons of Armageddon

Sons of Armageddon


The Sons effortlessly blur the genres of trance, dub, ambient, jazz and trip-hop. Everything from theremins to circuit bent Speak-n-Spells are used to provide an otherworldly soundscape. Trumpet and other instruments improvise along with the live electronica. This is jazz for the new millennium.


The Sons were formed at the turn of the millenium in Denver, Colorado. Composed of some of the finest musicians in Denver, the Sons have become known for their quirky blend of electronica and improvisational jazz. What you hear on the CD is what you get live. Odd ambient samples, circuit-bent children's toys, theremins, melodica and traditional instruments combine to produce their genre bending sound they call "post-apocalyptic electro jazz." Hybrid Magazine described it like this: "What Miles would sound like if he'd lived long enough to come to his senses." If you like Jaga Jazzist, Four Tet, electric-era Miles, give the Sons a listen. Don't be late for Armageddon.


The Sons of Armageddon 2003 - full length CD
The Softest Touch 2004 - full length CD

You can hear the Sons at Radio 1190 and KGNU in Boulder. Also, the Sons just began national radio promotion and can be heard on WGAJ (Boston), WUSR (Scranton), WUSB (Stony Brooke), KCSB (Santa Barbara), KABF (Little Rock), CIUT (Toronto), WUIC (Chicago), KSPC (Los Angeles), KUPS (Seattle), XM Radio and over 20 more stations nationwide. They are also on internet radio at M3Radio and Aural Innovations Radio.

Set List

We typically play a 1-1.5 hour set. However, we can play two 1 hour sets with a brief intermission. We play all originals that draw from the first two CD's in addition to material we are working on for the new CD.

Songs include:
1) Charlie's Angel Dust
2) Monk Meets the Addams Family
3) Dirty Hej Duk
4) Ripe Watermelon
5) Hoells
6) E.S. Smothered
7) The Wallstreet Colonel
8) Shambles Factory
9) DubYa
10) 1000 Kisses Deep
11) The Diddler