Sons of August

Sons of August


Formed in August of 2006. We have a raw guitar based sound. stylistically, our songs are too fast to be grunge, a little too slow to be punk, too heavy to be alternative.


*TTT - Drums Thomas recently moved to the North Florida area from Omaha, Nebraska. In Omaha, he played in numerous acts, most notably the alternative band Marianas. he has a manic playing style reminiscent of Keith moon.

Fluid - Bass Jamie Borders is well known surfer/Artist who operates the popular website Although he's not played bass for very long, he's already quite good at it, just like everything he focuses himself on. Don't be a hata now!

*Thew - Guitar, Vocals Hailing from Flagler, Matt has been writing music and performing in bands since he was a teenager. His unique sense of melody and rhythm are a cornerstone of the sons sound.

*Stevie Sunshine - Guitar, Vocals Raised in the high desert of Central Oregon, Stevie moved to Seattle in the late 1980's and spent 6 years writing music and playing in clubs, the most notable act being the band Flaw, which at the height of it's popularity was a solid draw in clubs like the off ramp, RCKNDY, and Under The Rail. After a 12 year hiatus from playing music, he discovered he had an itch that still needed to be scratched. And just in time too, 'cause here comes the sons.


All That and a Bag of Chips

Written By: Ponch