“Sonsofday is a remarkable band that displays the best of what Christian music has to offer.” -


SONSOFDAY started 2009 with a bang, taking home the Best Pop Video of the Year award for their debut music video "This Place" at the 2008 Gospel Music Channel Video Awards on December 26th. The four Belonozhko brothers make up the Portland-based Christian rock group, which spent 2008 traveling the USA to promote their debut album Fragile People (Red Hammer Records/Infinity Music Distribution), which is now in stores.

"We are blown away by the support our fans have showed voting 'This Place' as the 'Best Pop Video' of 2008," says lead vocalist/guitarist Vlad. "And we're so thankful to the Gospel Music Channel and all of the numerous shows and networks that have aired this video extensively."

The band shot six music videos for the project, including “Fragile People” and the award-winning “This Place,” both of which are in regular rotation on numerous video shows and networks, including JCTV, Gospel Music Channel and others. The videos were combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes and touring footage for a full-length DVD release now available exclusively at the official online store at

Though SONSOFDAY has certainly earned a well-deserved vacation, they are pressing forward with the start of the new year, logging studio time to record the follow-up to their successful debut album for independent label 1964 Records. While still taking shape, the untitled album is sure to include the road-tested songs “Revolution” and “People Get Ready” which have become fan favorites in recent months.

Vlad, Roman, Bogdan and Scott Bolonozhko immigrated from the Ukraine to the United States in 1992 in pursuit of a better life and religious freedom, which Ukraine was only just beginning to experience after the fall of Communism. The band was formed in 2005, and soon after they were in the studio recording their debut album which released in late 2007. SONSOFDAY toured relentlessly in support of the project, including major festivals such as Creation West, where they took first place in the 2008 Creation West Indie Band Talent Search.

For more information on SONSOFDAY, including the band's biography, lyrics, photos, cover art, music video and more, visit Password credentials for the full album download are available to media outlets by request.


This Place


I am reaching out to you now
I hope you hear my silent cry
My heart is aching from this pain I
I want to leave this place somehow

But you don’t know how I feel
This job is not so bad when you are here
I cannot take this anymore
I must be stronger than before

Take me out of out of this place
I’ve been here too long far too long now
So take me back now to the place where
To the place where I belong

I am barely breathing right now
Concentrating I can’t think it out
What this world wants from me I
I can’t quite figure it out

This time I will be stronger
I have to get through this somehow
The road is getting crazier
I’m hanging on to you right now

I think I’m crazy
I’m not the only one
Who gets so dizzy
From what this world’s become



How alive and well is Your name
If anything You are
You’re sweeter than the sweetest sound

To cry out loud, to sing about,
The wonder of it all
The loving God you are

I say the words the crowd goes wild
Never have they seen before this child
When I said I love you Lord

All the while they reconcile
Turning hopes now into fire
When I said I love you Lord

Oh how sweet to be so near
The morning sun flies high
Your love for every kind

To grab Your peace and fill the sky
If only I would dare to try
The Grace that You became

Then I fell in place
I’ve never felt this loves’ embrace
I’m surely onto something now
When Your world turns me upside down

Fragile People


I know its all the same
Same old story same old game
We dream we love we hate sometimes
We're painting pictures in our minds

Time moves on people change
No one stays the same
We're fragile people we hurt sometimes
We don’t know where to go

I see it everywhere
Someone rises and someone falls
We're always looking for a hero
The one who'll save the day

We are different people
Fragile and beautiful
We lose our way sometimes
We're all in need of a Savior

Left Without A Goodbye


I can remember your face
You walking around in this place
You always seemed so sad
Trying to find your space

I never thought you’d be gone,
Now everything seems so wrong
You’re now in a wonderful place
Safe in the arms of Grace

You you’re on the other side
And I’m here now I’m here alone tonight
Because you left without a goodbye
An angel you are you can fly, fly away

You don’t have to worry tonight
Finding this place you’re alright
You’re free of this world and it’s lies
You don’t have to worry why

You laugh and we’ll cry
Together we’ll stay apart
Someday I’ll see your smile
And together we will fly

Another Day


Another day is starting
The peace is broken now
I get up on my feet again
Forgetting yesterday

The sun is climbing higher
Into the open sky
The people moving quickly
To where they need to be

Another day is starting
I don’t know where to go from here
I’m searching for You now
I hope to find You here

Another day is starting
I’m trying hard to clear my head
I’m thinking of You now
And all the things You’ve said

And as I’m walking through the streets
I see a lonely face to greet
A smile will always cheer me up
From all the people that I meet

Another day I’m looking
I’m searching for direction
I’m lost without You here
I don’t know where I am

I am searching everywhere
I’ve been searching everyday
Just to find that You are here
And You’re with me now

Ocean's Deep


Even though the world I’m in
The perfect pitch it’s ways appear
The greatest pressures of my sin don’t disappear

Although alive and without much
The wishing, well I wished for You
Then I look to see myself within it all

My ocean’s deep my river’s wide
The strangers weep at pleasures side
Oh why do I not see the only one unseen

I’m lost without it seems so true
You left from here from me to You
Well my heart is broken I’m trying can’t you see, can’t you see


Written By: SONSOFDAY, Briksa

Why are you searching in the oceans
Are you searching in the cities
Are you looking for love?

Why are you looking in the distance
Are you searching in the deep space
Won't you open your eyes

He'll take and make a revolution
Revolution in you, you'll see

Why you've been walking in the darkness
Are you running out of mistakes
While looking for truth?

Oh, you hear them talking about the future
About resolutions to pollutions
If you'll open your heart

Why oh why
I don't know why oh why
Won't you open your eyes
If you'll open your heart


New Album Coming Summer 2009!

"Fragile People" LP - March 2007
"Ep4" (four song) - December 2005

Distributed by Infinity Music Distribution. A division of Central South Distribution.

Set List

Set ranges from 20min - 1hour 20min.

Average set time is 1hr.

Here is an example:

Where the Streets Have No Name, by U2
Seems Like
This Place
Riches 'n Wine
Lord I Lift Your Name on High, by Petra
Fragile People
People Get Ready
Left Without a Goodbye
Yellow, by Coldplay

Worship songs (when requested):

Beautiful One
Friend of God
People Get Ready
Heart of Worship
Blessed be Your Name
Open the Eyes of My Heart
I Stand in Awe of You
Lord I lift Your Name on High
Amazing Love